Hey guys! Welcome to this month’s fave eats and drinks. Can’t believe we’re almost at the end of the month! Ahhhhh. Ok, how fast has April gone?!

April. This year, April has meant EASTER! So a couple of my top picks obviously are focused around this…because you know, Easter brings some amazing treats. But it’s been really busy aside this too, as usual…so there’s a few others on my list too. Keep reading to find out what topped my list this month…

Hot Cross Buns

This is my absolute FAVE bit about Easter. I bludy LOVE a hot cross bun. And there are so many varieties these days, it kinda gives you the excuse to have so many – as you gotta try them all right?!

April food picks hot cross buns

I do love a classic hot cross bun, toasted and spread with melty butter. Mmmmm. But this year, I tried Bramley Apple ones with marmite butter and crumbled cheddar and those were incredible. So was a salted caramel one with vanilla mascarpone. M&S had a hot cross bun station at their Easter press show, and I was literally in heaven!

Not sure how I feel about the hot cross bun ice cream sandwich trend – I don’t really fancy a soggy bun. But I’m definitely here for putting whatever other toppings take your fancy on top. I can’t wait for my weekends fill of those beauties.

Nazari Food (KERB)

This week I had half a day off on Wednesday afternoon – I was so lucky with the weather, and so Katy and I ventured down to Camden market to enjoy a spot of lunch along the canal. After much deliberation, we chose a Falafel and Halloumi wrap from Nazari, found in West Yard as part of the KERB food market, and sat along the waterfront to enjoy in the April rays.

April food picks Nazari food

The wraps were really big, and stuffed with plenty of lettuce, falafel and halloumi. They could have had a touch more hummus in my mind, and we didn’t see as much pomegranate as had hoped, but they were still super delicious and I’d definitely go back for another. Totally worth the £7.50!

Balans Boozy Brunch

For Nicola’s hen do, 25 of us headed down to Balans Soho Society in Soho for a boozy brunch to start the celebrations. Of course, we had an area booked which they’d let the maid of honour decorate a touch – it was so cute!

April food picks, Balans Soho Society Boozy Brunch

The prosecco was flowing, yet Harv and I couldn’t resist an espresso martini – it was super smooth, rich and delightful. As for the food side of things, there was quite the range of breakfast options as well as the more lunch-style options too. I went for something I wouldn’t usually – the steak and eggs. It came with chimichurri and potatoes, and it was one of the best decisions I made that day. The steak was cooked well and was good quality meat, the potatoes were delicious, and the eggs were perfectly poached. I loved the chimichurri on the side too – adds so much flavour to an already superb dish.

April food picks April food picks

Everyone seemed to enjoy their dishes, and we had such a fab start to Nicola’s party day!

M&S Bees Knees Egg

The Bees Kness is a blonde chocolate egg with caramelised sugar, and it tastes just like Caramac! It’s a deliciously smooth and creamy blonde chocolate – very sweet so not one you could sit and eat in one go, but it’d make savour it! Honestly, this tops my wish-list for this Easter.

If you’re out and about today, it’s worth popping into M&S to see if you can still get your hands on one of these!

April food picks, bees knees egg from M&S April food picks, bees knees egg from M&SA cocktail made with the bees knees egg – it was bludy delicious!! 


Right, I’m not talking about the stuff you often find in your tummy button, or stuck to your hair. I’m talking about marshmallow fluff. Yes, marshmallow! I’m a huge marshmallow fiend. My mum will be able to vouch for that. Well, occasionally (or often) when I’m visiting home, my lovely Grandma will bring something round for me to take back to London. A little treat. One of those thing was this..and it’s amazing.

It’s literally just like gooey marshmallow. Like the middle of the ones you cook over a bonfire. YES THAT BIT!

I’ve been having it in hot chocolate, and it’s fab having a little on chocolate dipped biscuits too. I have had a little straight from the jar, but it is super sweet, so best on something else. I need to get experimenting more with this magical stuff, so watch this space.

And there you have it. This month’s top pics. What are you loving this month? Are they Easter-themed too?

Chloe xx