November was crazy. Filled with SO much delicious food & drink, and 3 weekends away (yes, I was only in London one weekend throughout the whole of November… a bit mental!). This month’s roundup does include a one more addition to the usual five (I struggled so much to narrow it down), including one or two finds from my trips. Loosen your belts, here are my top picks.

Popcorn Shed

I think this is such a cute brand, and the flavours that are available is unlike anything I’ve seen. From Cheese to Salted Caramel, Berrylicious and Butterly Nuts, there’s some unusual, yet fun, popcorn flavours.

The flavours from Popcorn Shed are fab. Some are a little more subtle than others, but all went down really well. My fave obviously had to be the butterly nuts – I just can’t resist a peanut butter option!

Popcorn shedPopcorn shed

The little packs (£18 for a snack pack bundle of 7) are the perfect size for having with lunch, or a little snack during a Netflix session. The larger boxes (£3.50) would make a cute accompaniment to any gift this Christmas – for those Christmas movie moments!

Popcorn shed

Rock Rose Gin

Rock Rose Gin is a multi-award winning handcrafted Scottish gin from Dunnet Bay Distillers. It gets its name from its primary botanical – the rhodiola rosea, or the rose in the rocks. This was the first botanical forage for Dunnet Bay Distillers, along the cliffs of the Pentland Firth. About a thousand years ago, vikings would go in search of Rhodiola rosea, which was thought to give them extra strength to continue on their long journey. Along with this traditional botanical, Rock Rose uses a blend of local and traditional botanicals to create a unique gin from the Highlands of Scotland.

Rock Rose Gin Rock Rose Gin

The rose edge is super subtle, and the juniper does over power it a little, but it is one delicious gin. Fab with a slice of lemon to add a soft citrus touch, and fever tree tonic. I’m a HUGE gin fan, and this sure is up there with my faves.

Maison D’etre

I’ve been to this sweet little coffee house once before, with some old housemates. It’s right on the roundabout by Highbury & Islington station, so a great location. I do love that area.

Inside Maison D’etre is small, but they have a little area, like a conservatory through the back. It’s a cosy little spot. The menu is concise, but there’s enough to choose from for such a small spot. The Bircher Muesli is a must- so fresh, creamy and flavoursome! It is £7, which is a little more than I’d usually pay for a cold brekkie, but it’s worth it! Coffee is fab too – rich and smooth – and pretty standard in price. Fab little spot for a catch-up!

Maison D'etre Highbury

The Botanist Frozen Foraged Garden pop-up

Ok, I know this means gin is on my list twice. But honestly, this was SO GOOD. A cute little garden popup near Broadgate Circle, so much greenery, cosy seats with blankets, an ice sculpture and delicious cocktails. What more do you need?

The Botanist Frozen Foraged Garden

It was my first mulled gin, and it was seriously delicious! I’m definitely doing this myself at home. We might have left a little tipsy, after a chilled few under the tent. I’m hoping they bring it back sometime. I’d definitely pop down again for a drink or two!

Checkpoint Edinburgh

This was one of two brunch spots we visited in Edinburgh. A little recommendation from a colleague and it went down a treat. Service was friendly, coffee was good…and the food.. well…

I had a Winter Squash, cavalo nero, harissa yoghurt and eggs, and it was seriously dreamy. Never would have thought to have squash for breakfast before! The harissa added depth to the fresh ingredients, and everything together was just super delicious. The shakshuka was another big hit. It was rich, flavoursome and massive. The hash was superb too!

Checkpoint Edinburgh

This was my favourite breakfast of the two spots we tried. With breakfast dishes priced between £4.50 and £7.50, it was really reasonable in price too.  If you’re up in Edinburgh anytime soon I do recommend adding this to your list! My full post on Edinburgh is coming soon!

Daisy Green Collection Hot Buddha Bowls

When it’s cold and miserable, a warming, comforting lunch is a must. Am I right, or am I right? Something freshly made, healthy and delicious. Because I need to feel at least a little good alongside all the treats throughout December! We tried the Hot Buddha Bowls at Beany Green recently – lemon and herb chicken, meatballs with tomato, or vegan Beany balls, served with roasted sweet potato, chickpea ragu, roasted aubergine, greens, mixed grain rice and fermented jalapeño hot sauce.

Daisy Green Collection Buddha Bowls

Served hot (well just more than warm), it was a fantastic mix of flavours and textures. The jalapeno sauce adds a warming little kick, and I’m a big fan of the chickpea ragu. The chicken was flavoursome, although not as tender as I’d have liked. But the meatballs were a winner – tasty, tender and saucy. At £7.90 to takeaway, it’s a little on the pricier end for lunch for me, but on a day when im craving all the veg (or a hangover day) it’s well worth it!

There you have it. November’s top picks. Already excited for what December has to offer – bring on the festive food! Next month’s round-up is going to be all my fave Christmas finds.

What have you tried this month?

Chloe xx

*This post does include food/drink from events I’ve been invited to, or samples I’ve received. All views my own.