October has been another good food month. I mean, NEW YORK! But to be honest, when is it not a good food month? Especially when you’re trying to make the effort to try new things at every opportunity.

Even skipping the New York finds (those are coming next week!), narrowing it down to my favourite five food and drink finds/cravings has been a tough job. Like seriously tough. Here’s what made the cut…

Bread Ahead doughnuts

New food - October faves

Yes, I’m seriously late with trying these beauties. But it was worth the wait … both actually getting my butt to one of the Bread Ahead locations, and the two min queue which looked like it’d take A LOT longer. (Yes, I took a pic to prove I queued!). 

New food - October faves

The Praline ones were incredible. Plenty of oozy filling, sweet, delicious. No I couldn’t eat it without licking my lips. I was savouring every bite. The jam ones impressed too! If you’re visiting I’d definitely recommend getting a couple – I had one the next day and it was more than fine. Trust me, you won’t just want one if you’re a doughnut lover!

New food - October faves

Doisy & Dam Snaps

So October did welcome Chocolate week. Which means, it’s a must. Right?!

At the end of the month, I ventured on a road trip down to Hastings, taking a bag of the Doisy & Dam Snaps Snacking Chocolate, the coconut & lucuma dark chocolate ones, with me. Just in case I got peckish. Well more like for when I couldn’t resist any longer.

The sharing bag was filled with thin single-origin Columbian chocolate pieces, differing in size. All with just enough bits & pieces inside to add a delicate flavour. The chocolate itself sure did have a good snap (sign of good chocolate), and was rich and smooth. Beautiful in flavour. What’s more, it’s actually vegan and gluten free too!

They were a bit fiddly to get out if you’re sticking your hands in, so perhaps more one for movie snacks or if hosting friends over drinks and dinner. I’d definitely persevere again though!


I’ve been to Vapiano once before. It always amazed. I loved watching my fresh pasta tossed and cooked right in front of me as I waited. Made to order. As fresh as you get. It’s pretty darn tasty too.

This month, Vapiano launched a brand new branch at the sparkling new One Tower bridge development. It literally looks out over Tower Bridge! It’s a little more fancy inside, with comfy seating and the same menu – dishes (pasta, pizza, risotto and salad) start from £6.99. It has a bar too, so perfect for a quick after work dinner catch-up! I’m secretly hoping they hold more evening events, as at the launch they had an awesome 90s RnB DJ! So fun.

New food - October faves

Definitely go for the pasta though – there’s 10 pasta shapes to choose from and plenty of saucy options. Having it made fresh in front of you means it can be made for individual tastes or dietary requirements too!


New food - October faves

I’m not usually one for crisps (ok, I do love a pom bear!), but puffs and rice cakes are totally my thing. This month I tried BEPPS, black eyed pea puffs. They’re light in flavour, airy (a lot like a chickpea puff or cheese puff texture) and have a good crunch. I loved them!

New food - October faves

It’s nice to have a snack with a more delicate flavour, one which dosn’ last throughout the whole afternoon. What’s more, they’re only about 90 calories! So really do make a great snack, or accompaniment for lunch. My faves were the salt and vinegar ones!

Lantana – Too Good To Go

I tried ordering through the ‘Too Good To Go‘ app for the first time this month. It’s a free app which allows you to order dishes which would have gone to waste, for a reduced cost. You order early in the day, and collect during the stated time slot. There are quite a few spots in Central London on the service, one of which being Lantana, a spot i’d been keen to try.

You can’t state what you get, meaning it could be any of the dishes. But if you’re not a fussy eater, it’s a fab concept. I picked up the Salmon with salad from Lantana at the end of the day for only about £3, and it was delicious. The salmon still really good, flavoursome and flaky. The salad, fresh and so tasty!

New food - October faves

I’m definitely using this again!

And there you have it. My fave picks for October! There were SO many other good picks – make sure you’re following me on Instagram to keep up with everything I try!

I can’t wait for November – bring on the start of the festive treats! What should I be trying?

Chloe xx

*This post does include food/drink from events I’ve been invited to, or samples I’ve received. All views my own.