So this is the first year I’ve got my way and been allowed to watch Christmas films from the beginning of December. Alex always used to make me wait until the week before Christmas – or even Christmas Eve! – So I used to watch them by myself when I got chance.

Christmas films are one sure fire way to get me in the festive mood, so I love to snuggle up, in a Christmas jumper or even my festive onesie, maybe with a hot choc and the occasional mince pie, and watch a good collection as soon as it hits December.
There are so many though, and I never know which to choose, so I thought I’d let tell you all my faves this year to hopefully help you out with any Christmas flick dilemmas this December.
Here’s my top pick for 2016:
Arthur Christmas:
You can’t beat an animated film, especially at Christmas and this one is SO cute! It’s bound to please all…even you!
The film follows the story of Arthur, Santa’s son, his brother Steve and Santa as one present is left undelivered on Christmas Eve.
The perfect film to watch with all the family, it’s cute and heartwarming, with lots of funny moments and has a great storyline – just what you expect from a Christmas movie like this!
I actually watched this for the first time this year (it was recommended by Charlotte), and I loved it!
This HAD to be on my list! Because…
Now this film divides the crowd, it can be a bit like Marmite and I completely understand why. But sometimes you seriously need a stupid funny film and someone who’s super festive – like in the best Christmas mood EVER! – to help you feel that little bit extra Christmassy.
Many of you will know, but the story follows Buddy the elf, a man who was raised as an elf in the North Pole and ventures to America in search of his true identity and parents.
Absolutely hilarious with outrageous moments, I giggle almost the whole way through, which is definitely what you need in the run-up to Christmas – laughter helps lift any mood!
Home Alone:
Can you have a Christmas without Home Alone? It’s ALWAYS on the TV, and for me is a must-watch at Christmas.
The plot follows eight year old Kevin McCallister who is accidentally left home alone over Christmas when his family rush off on a vacation.
Great storyline, fab acting by Macaulay Culkin (such a smart kid!) and so funny. A great film for all at Christmas.
A little insider info -> I used to want to be as smart as Kevin when I was little. My brother, sister and I used to pretend to set traps for unwanted visitors 😛 
Jingle all the way:
LOVE this film. OK, its an oldie, but it’s also a goodie.
This slapstick comedy film follows the story of two fathers racing around the city on Christmas Eve in search of the nnmber one Christmas toy for their boys – The Turbo Man action doll.
Again, one that gets me giggling (very important in a Christmas film),  it’s got an almost relatable yet slightly overexaggerated storyline, and is SO Christmassy it sure adds to my festive mood. Also, the ending is SO cute – another great one to watch with all the family. SO go on, rush to it!
The Holiday:
For some, Christmas doesn’t start until they’ve watched Love Actually, but for me, The Holiday beats Love Actually onto my Christmas list this year.
A rom-com, the film follows the stories of two women who are troubled with men problems and switch houses (in different countries) for the Christmas holidays.
With comedy moments throughout, this film is such a heart warmer! It’s a great film to snuggle up and watch, on your own or with the other half. You’re bound to feel at least a little festive after, but most definitely warm and fuzzy 🙂
Again, another film I watched this year for the first time (as recommended by Katy), and it was fab!
A comedy, this film tells the story of Paul Maddens, a failed actor who goes into teaching primary school and is put in charge of the Christmas Nativity.
This film had me laughing lots, totally absorbed and worrying about the outcome, and I even almost cried at the end! A rollercoaster of a journey, it’s a fantastic feel-good film which made me feel like I wanted to get back into dancing!
And that’s it – my top 6 to watch this Christmas!
Are any of my 6 on your list of faves this year? What’s your ultimate Christmas movie for feeling festive?
Chloe xx