I thought I’d add a new section to my blog to give you all something to make you giggle.

I know I’m not exactly a country girl, was more a town-girl although did I spend much of my time growing up in the countryside. I do now class myself as a city girl but I sometimes do come out with something silly – a case of speaking before thinking!

Alex on the other hand, is definitely a city boy – born and raised! Being in the countryside with him is hilarious.

This new section is to share some of the funniest and perhaps embarrassing things which are said between us in our daily lives. For your amusement, and for me to be able to look back and laugh so much my tummy hurts!

Here’s a quick peek into one moment – perhaps a little more funny for Londoners however:

This was a while ago – before I’d properly moved to London. We were getting ready to leave Alex’s – I was down visiting.Β 

Me: Babe, You got everything?

Alex: Yes.

Me: Keys? Wallet? Phone? Lobster? (Said pretty quick – quite confident, and wanting to go)

Alex: What?

Me: Lobster… (said nice and confidently)

Alex: (Laughing)… it’s not called a Lobster (more laughing, and me realising)…Β its an Oyster.


Keep an eye out for the next instalment (Got plenty more! They will keep getting better…)…