I think I end my week pretty much as I start it. Fuelled my caffeine. But then of course, on a Friday you get that Friday feeling adrenaline which brings on a positive mood as the excitement grows for two days off. But I still need the coffee – I’m just so tired by the time it gets to Friday!

Sometimes I’ll just grab an instant from the kitchen in the office (I love Azera coffee at the moment – it’s just so smooth, not too bitter and doesn’t leave a nasty taste behind. It’s delicious), but I am trying to go out and find new coffee places near to work. I like to escape, sit in a little coffee shop with a book or my phone, and a warming cup of coffee to shut off for a little while, and I regularly pop out on my lunch break with my coffee loving friend for a catch-up – trust me, she’s a proper coffee enthusiast!

Recently, my coffee loving friend and I popped along to try out Monmouth Coffee Company, on Monmouth Street, Seven Dials. My friend had already been before, but was keen that I got to try it too – now I can see why.

Monmouth Coffee Company is a tiny little shop on one of the cobbled roads leading away from the seven dials roundabout. There’s often a queue, stretching out down the street, but on our visit we were pretty lucky.

Monmouth Coffee Company

The inside seating is a very small little raised area at the back, with wooden booths and benches, and was unsurprisingly all taken when we arrived just after 12.30 on a Friday lunchtime, so we opted for a takeaway coffee to drink whilst wandering back through Covent Garden.

Monmouth Coffee Company

Served within 5 minutes, with the only delay really being my indecisiveness as to what to drink after being stumped with the fact they only had whole milk (the controversy), and being distracted by the delicious looking pastries and cakes they had displayed along the counter, and the coffee beans they had for sale along the back – Monmouth have a variety of beans from all over the world, priced per kilo, available as beans, or ground to suit your coffee maker.

Monmouth Coffee CompanyMonmouth Coffee Company

I was soon waiting for my flat white towards the back of the little shop, watching the baristas hard at work – there were four of them which made me think that they were ready to take on a stampede of customers over the lunchtime rush.

Monmouth Coffee Company

I was handed my little cup, quite in line with the sizes of all these little artisan coffee shops at about a third of the size of a coffee from Costa or Starbucks, and took a sip to decide whether it needed sweetening.

Monmouth Coffee Company

With just enough froth on top, it was delightfully creamy, yet rich and strong, absolutely delicious and not at all bitter, lending itself perfectly to being consumed with out even a smidgen of sugar, which is unusually good for me.

Both with our coffees in hand, we headed back out of the little shop, only just resisting treating ourselves with the baked delicacies as a Friday treat. We continued drinking as we strolled back through Covent Garden, the thought of how grateful a decent cup of coffee can make me feel, often returning.

Monmouth Coffee Company

Have you found a new spot for coffee recently?

Chloe xx