A coffee stop on a day out has now become a must. Especially when it’s cold, as I love to escape the chilly weather for warmer places to catch-up. But almost anytime I head out for the day these days, it involves coffee at some point.

I can see why everyone spends so much money on the stuff – there’s something about a good old cup of joe. Finding that dreamy coffee, which is strong and bold enough, with a smooth texture and not too bitter taste is somewhat a hard feat, but the hunt is so worth the money – don’t worry, my addiction hasn’t become overpowering yet so I don’t actually spend too much.

I recently found another beauty which I had to tell you all about.

After a visit to Maltby Street market, and wandering round the nearby streets looking for a cosy haven to chat, I stopped by this quirky coffee shop with my friend Lucy.

Fuckoffee, Bermondsey. Coffee Shop London

Giving off a hipster vibe, the atmosphere was pretty laid back but super cool. With light shades made from coffee cups, neon signage on the walls and leather sofas towards the back, I guess it’s got the usual chilled out coffee shop feel.

Fuckoffee, Bermondsey. Coffee Shop London

That Saturday afternoon, it was packed. Not far from London Bridge, or Bermondsey, it had plenty of passing footfall, but by the looks of some of those waiting in line with loyalty cards, and the fact that one of my work colleagues appeared at some point later, it’s already got a good name for itself, and that’s also what had me intrigued.

Fuckoffee, Bermondsey. Coffee Shop London

They do have lots of treats and sandwiches on offer, but having just been to Maltby Street market, I couldn’t have eaten anything else – and I didn’t want to spoil the curry I was cooking for us all when I got home. I was however tempted by the artisan peanut butter they had on display towards the end of the counter – there’s so many these days but I still want to try them all.

Fuckoffee, Bermondsey. Coffee Shop London

Finding a seat right by the door, as two others left to finish their day, we settled onto the bench with an almond milk flat white each.

Fuckoffee, Bermondsey. Coffee Shop London

Lucy got hooked on almond milk when she did Veganuary, and still buys this over cows milk at home and when out. I only recently found out how much I like an almond flat white. The nutty, slightly sweet milk, adds a delicious Β flavour to a flat white, whilst still being creamy and allowing the bold coffee flavour to shine through. I find it so much better than having a normal flat white, and occasionally having to add a spoon of sugar if it’s a little bitter.

Fuckoffee, Bermondsey. Coffee Shop London

These particular almond flat whites were delicious, with the coffee bold enough for the flavour to come through, but not bitter. I completely appreciate that almond milk is harder to create coffee art with, but they still gave it a good go too. At Β£2.50 for each of our drinks, and no added expense for almond milk, it seemed pretty reasonably priced for an artisan coffee place.

Lost in my own world as we sipped away, I didn’t realise that one of my work colleagues was in the queue calling my name until Lucy pointed it out. I always find it funny when you bump into people you know in a place as big as London. Finished, we gave our table to my work friend as the little coffee spot was still full of bustling, chatting individuals and headed off, back out into the cold afternoon.

When I head back to Maltby Street to try more of the delicious food they have on offer, I might have to pop back for a coffee, and of course some peanut butter.

Have you stumbled across any beauties recently?

Chloe xx

P.s. Sorry to my family, or anyone else who reads this and finds the name of the coffee shop offensive. They only mean to be funny and they were so cool I had to write about it.