I did some more art and craft this week. Some more decorations to help the flat feel more grotto like. Not over the top, but I want to feel super Christmassy this year!

To add to my ‘Merry Christmas’ sign which I made last week (you can read about this here), I decided to create some Christmas tree style bunting.
Christmas tree bunting homemade Christmas decorations
I think it’s super cute, and the colours go really well with my other sign. They’re also not overly bright or garish, meaning they actually feel pretty chic too.
Christmas tree bunting homemade Christmas decorations
They’re so easy to make too. Here’s how I did it.
What you need:
3 sheets of paper (1 cream, 1 grey, 1 red)
Red ribbon (I bought 10m from Tiger for £1)
How to make it:
First up, I prepared my paper. Using a computer, I pasted song lyrics into a word document, and removed the line spacing so I only had a block of text. I then copied and pasted this block of text until I’d filled two sheets. I printed this, double sided, onto one of the pieces of paper.
I repeated step 1 with each of my coloured sheets of paper, and different carols/songs, until I had three sheets with song lyrics covering each side.
Next up, I created a Christmas tree shape to stencil, by using a silhouette from google – I made sure I liked the shape of the tree too. You can draw one yourself if you’d prefer.
I then took one of the sheets of paper, folded it in half and stencilled as many trees as I could onto the one side. I took the scissors and cut these out (cutting through both halves and keeping both pieces aligned as much as possible). I made sure to waste as little as possible, cutting any extra trees out of the middle when I finally unfolded the paper.
I put these to the side and did the same with the other two sheets of paper.
Christmas tree bunting homemade Christmas decorationsChristmas tree bunting homemade Christmas decorations
I then cut my ribbon to an appropriate length – I wanted two pieces so I could have a string of bunting each side of my merry Christmas sign.
I cut a tiny slit in the top of the tree, with a teeny tiny slit coming off it, making sure it wasn’t too close to the edge. I then started threading the ribbon through my Christmas trees in order of colour – one red, one grey, one cream – until I’d filled each piece of ribbon.
Christmas tree bunting homemade Christmas decorations
All that’s left then is to hang it, by whichever way you prefer – we use masking take to protect our walls.
Christmas tree bunting homemade Christmas decorations
Ta da! What do you think?
Have you made any Christmas decorations this year?
Chloe xx