Doing crafty bits and bobs is SO therapeutic, I really don’t do it enough. It’s normally only around birthdays and of course Christmas that I get my arts and crafts box out.

So with Christmas now only 2 weeks away, I thought it was about time I got crafty and decorated our flat – the fun way, of course!
Last year we didn’t have many decorations up in our flat as no one was going to be home over Christmas, but it felt so bare coming home to a plain living room after being surrounded by all the Christmas lights and festivities whilst out & about in London – I’m sure it dampened the Christmassy feeling – so this year, I’m going all out.
First up in my Christmas craft collection…a cute homemade Merry Christmas sign.
Christmas craft - Christmas sign
Here’s everything I used:
Ribbon (5m from Tiger, £1)
Card pegs (Tiger, £1)
1 roll of brown parcel paper (poundshop, £1)
Old wrapping paper/magazines
And this is how simple it is to make…
First up, you need to make the brown flags, the backing to your letters. Take your roll of brown parcel paper, unroll as if you were about to gift wrap a present, and fold back on itself, roughly 10-15cm in (it depends how big you’d like your sign). Run your finger along the folded edge to crease well.
Christmas craft - Christmas sign
Stick the parcel paper which has been folded back to the parcel paper underneath using glue. This will form a reinforced wide strip. Now cut this strip off, and cut into 4-5 equal squares (again number depends on how big you want your sign – I only managed four, with a little waste paper cut off at the end).
Take each square and carefully cut a very obtuse, flat triangle from the bottom – make sure this is not the folded end. Now check that your two layers of parcel paper and securely glued together, or at this point add more glue.
Christmas craft - Christmas sign
Repeat steps 1-3 until you have 14 flags. Put to the side.
Next, gather all the old wrapping paper and magazines (anything with festive colours or Christmas pictures – adverts are sometimes good for this!). Use your flags as a guide to size (keep in mind that you don’t want the letters to quite fill the flags), and start drawing the letters onto the back of the wrapping paper and magazines. Remember you need to draw them on backwards for them to read the right way round from the front. It doesn’t matter if they all look slightly different in size or shape, they won’t be right next to each other, and it is handmade. You could always buy a stencil, or even print out huge letters to stencil if you’d prefer a perfect finish.
Glue your letters onto your brown paper flags, with the folded edge at the top, and leave to dry.
Christmas craft - Christmas sign
Once dry, using the pegs, peg the letters onto your ribbon in the right order. Cut the ribbon down to an appropriate length – you might want one long decoration, or one word above the other, meaning two pieces of ribbon.
Christmas craft - Christmas sign
Finally, hang using your preferred method – tacks, masking tape, etc.
And that’s it. One cute homemade Christmas sign!
Christmas craft - Christmas sign
What are your favourite decorations to make at Christmas?
Chloe xx