This is my favourite frozen yoghurt shop! Actually my favourite treat when I’m out full stop. Or if I have a froyo craving after dinner, at the weekend or any other time I’m chilling at home or the boyf’s.

I know it’s not the cheapest option, and you can get pots for cheaper to eat at home. BUT this is worth every penny!

So this weekend me and my housemates ventured to the Northcote Road store for a bank holiday treat – my recommendation, and the experience resting on me.


We got in and were asked if we’d been before by the shop assistant (They’re so helpful!). Me being a Samba Swirl Expert (Yes I like to think so!), let her know we were all fine, as I’d already briefly explained to the girls the ‘Samba Swirl How To’ – It’s not as hard it sounds, and it’s so much fun!

Picking up a pot each, we started.

The Frozen Yoghurt is in machines on the one side – a number of different flavours which are self-serve. The flavours change daily and you can keep up with when your fave flavour is out via their twitter (@SambaSwirl). I didn’t get a pic of these, but if you’ve ever been to pizza hut and used the ice-cream factory, it’s similar to that.

The toppings are self-serve too. There are SO many. Different fruit, chocolatey bits, snickers, brownie, caramel shortbread, oreo. And there’s even more in the twist open jars in the walls too – flaked almonds, walnuts, mini eggs, marshmallows and the list goes on! So many choices! And then there are the sauces too, and fruit coulis.

This is why it is sometimes best to choose your toppings before putting frozen yoghurt in your pot – you don’t want a melted, soggy mess! But having already warned the girls about this, we were prepared!




My lovely housemates deciding on toppings from the jars in the walls.

You pay per weight, so keep this in mind, but once you hit the ‘Max-It’ (Β£6.95) you can put as much on as you want – as long as it doesn’t go over Β£12 worth I think it was.

I had pistachio flavoured frozen yoghurt and some dulce de leche frozen yoghurt too, topped with fruit, fruit coulis and some chopped nuts – nice and healthy!

I couldn’t believe that mine looked less than my housemates pots and yet mine was the only one to hit the ‘max-it’! devastating! But the lovely shop assistant informed me I could add a little more if I wanted to. So I carried on adding more πŸ˜› an extra flavour frozen yoghurt (Pomegranate and raspberry) and some mini eggs (Perhaps not so healthy anymore, BUT this was breakfast and lunch after all ;)).


We sat outside on the tables in the sunshine, enjoying our delicious concoctions. The girls loved theirs too – I made a good choice for our bank holiday treat! We all left very satisfied – Thumbs Up from all!!