SO you’ve lived there a while. Everything’s pretty same-samey. You see your surroundings EVERYDAY!

Do you take things for granted?

I started realising the other day how people really do take where they live for granted. I was thinking perhaps it was more in the capital. People think it’s too touristy to go out to see the landmarks and walk through key locations just to absorb the atmosphere and scenery. Been there, done that! it’s going to be exactly the same as when I saw it when I was 8! 

Friday I took a lovely 4.5 mile walk from work to Victoria to catch the coach to Bath Spa, and I loved the fact I could walk along the Thames and then see sights like this…


But then I was on the coach that same afternoon almost at my final destination, Bath bus station, looking out the window at the countryside. All the beautiful countryside. And I thought to myself, I bet people take it for granted here too! I wonder how many people go for a walk just to take everything in in Bath. You just have to step out your door!

Even when I visit home, I know I don’t necessarily love the town, but the river is beautiful. Especially with the lights reflecting on it at dusk. And when we walked up Bredon Hill over Easter – The sights are really something.

So just think…What am I missing everyday? Do I really, really look at my surroundings? Do I make the most of it? Because life is for making the most of after all!