When you’ve been living away from home for a while, you miss certain things – being made cups of tea when you wake up (No I wasn’t spoilt), Cuddling up on the sofa in front of the wood burner, having family there whenever you need them. One thing I really do miss is having my dogs around.


For all you non-dog owners out there, dog owners get so used to having dogs around; Laying their head/paws on you for attention; watching over you when they think something is wrong, just generally being around. They are like an additional member to the family. So for all of you who miss your family, think about having another person you miss.

Currently having an evening where I’m thinking about my parent’s house and home home, as I’m home alone, and thinking about my cute pups (well, not quite puppies anymore, but they have just as much energy!). I’d love them to be hear to keep me warm.

Yes they can be annoying, especially when dog breath comes on the scene – euwwww. The one thing I do love is the walks

.photo (2)

When the weather was nice, and we used to live closer to home home, me and my boyfriend used to go for long walks with the dogs. Well I say walks, but my boyfriend would run off and play chase/tag/races/I don’t know what he was doing. We used to play fetch with them, and we’d all be really worn out when we got back, the dogs (plus the boyfriend, as he spent more time with the dogs than the rest of us) would collapse in a heap on the floor.

photo (1)

I’d love to get a dog in London, but it’s so expensive and so much responsibility whilst I’m building my life here. So, tonight I made the decision, that once I have my life/career sorted I am going to offer dog walking services to neighbours, or volunteer to get my doggy dose (plus when I eventually get weekends off I will be able to visit home more often, and visit my own doggies).

I still need to do my research, but watch this space!