My auntie and uncle came to visit recently for the weekend, a couple days to unwind, relax, sight see and do something different. With the only request from my Auntie being to do something foodie, as she gets food envy from my Instagram photos, and for me to make breakfast/brunch on Sunday, Alex and I organised our weekend plans.

After a lunchtime wander around Borough Market, checking out the chilli and spices stall, the flowers, vegetables and grabbing some tasty food to keep us going, we headed to Liverpool Street station and walked the rest of the way to the Heron Tower, where Duck & Waffle is – the highest 24/7 restaurant in London which had been on the to-do lists of Alex and I for a while and not been crossed off.

Walking past the entrance to the Heron Tower which Alex uses for work, we all gazed in in awe at the massive fish tank – How did I not know Alex worked in the building with the biggest fish tank in the UK? How cool is that?

Entering through the Duck & Waffle/Sushi Samba entrance, we were welcomed by a host who told us to make our way, all the way up to the fortieth floor, for our afternoon cocktail. The lift and the views were just incredible, I’m not sure there are enough words to describe it.  The height can make your tummy turn, but take a couple of steps back and just admire the sights – even when the weather isn’t perfect, it’s still stunning!

Upon making our way into the bar of Duck & Waffle we were welcomed once again, and given a comfy little booth, which was great for the four of us.Duck & Waffle Cocktails We pondered over the drinks menu – this month all of the cocktails were themed on ‘Drink your Greens’. The menu a fab list of cocktails based around the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals vegetables give you, and  exploring the impact of these flavours in drinks– and finally came to a decision on which sounded the tastiest.Duck & Waffle CocktailsAlex, my Auntie and I settled for the Pina-Kale-Ada, a cocktail created with Bacardi Superior rum, pineapple sherbet and kale, and my uncle the Heritage, a cocktail consisting of Patrón tequila, clarified carrot and burnt honey. Looking pretty awesome, the cocktails were delivered to our table by one of the waiters and, after taking a few snaps obviously, we sat back and enjoyed.Duck & Waffle cocktailsDuck & Waffle (4)Duck & Waffle CocktailsI did have a sip of my uncle’s cocktail, The Heritage. It was a little strong but pretty tasty, the flavours did work well together. Perhaps not something I’d go for normally but my uncle seemed to enjoy it.

My Pina-Kale-Ada was absolutely delicious. Presented with dried pineapple and kale rested on top of the glass, it not only looked fab, the flavours worked really well together, complimenting one another to create an incredible cocktail – even the dried pineapple and kale were really tasty!

We sipped slowly, absorbing the views and having a nice chat. We all did have a wander over to the windows to grab a few pics – well with a view like this, how can you not? Duck & Waffle (5)Duck & Waffle (6)Duck & Waffle (7)We did stop at one cocktail so we could carry on with our days plans, but what an awesome little cocktail stop it was.

I’ve heard that it’s an amazing location for breakfast, lunch or dinner too, so we have to go back! But I highly recommend Duck & Waffle, even for a cocktail or two. It’s not too over-priced for a central London spot, at £14 a cocktail, and Saturday daytime wasn’t too busy so we got a spot at the bar without a reservation. If you haven’t been already, what are you waiting for?

Where’s your favourite cocktail spot?

Chloe xx