I love a good fitness tracking app! When I trained for my half marathon last year, running outdoors, I was a Nike+ app fanatic. I was obsessed with with my progress, how much further I’d ran each week, how much quicker, and generally keeping track of the runs I was doing.

Half Marathon

This app definitely helped with setting goals and targets too. I was so proud when I completed my goal!


But now winter’s here and let’s face it sometimes it’s just too cold to get motivated, I spend a lot more time training and working out inside at the gym. The nike+ app has therefore been left to the ‘Cloud’ cupboard ready for spring.

Some of my new year’s resolutions will obviously include fitness, with getting back into long distance running and also to improve in swimming being some of the top ones.

I was introduced to a free website for individuals & teams to set and achieve activity/fitness goals from January to March – getting you through the slump in motivation after the january gym bunny phase. It’s called Jantastic! I was super excited to find out more and obviously tell you all about it too!

It was around last year- I can’t believe I didn’t know about it! – and is back for 2015, but with some new additions. Jantastic participants can mix things up by setting their fitness goals for running, cycling and swimming, OR a combination of all three!

I’ve already registered on the Jantastic Website!

You can then set your own personal goals and will be provided with regular motivation, reminders and encouragement, inspiring you to achieve YOUR goals through the tough winter months. Although pretty motivated, there are days when I truly think an extra push would be a great help. 

The challenge itself begins on 5th January 2015 and I’m raring to go!

But first…the gym classes before christmas and the festive season to enjoy.

There will be more to come, including some fab tips from a performance expert on how to keep motivated to exercise during the winter months, so stay keep your eyes out.

Let me know if you join too, and what you think.

Chloe xx