Fab Weekend.

It all started with drinks and watching the juniors at Emirates – perfect start to long weekend!

Friday I went for a run, and then travelled home with Alex. We were met at the station by my sister (is still a little weird, her picking me up in her car!), and we had a great catch-up on the drive home. We arrived home safely (yes, her driving is pretty good), and walked the dogs – Alex loves this part of going back to mine, I do sometimes think it’s the only reason he comes, haha puppy love eh?. We didn’t go too far, and that evening had a lovely meal for Easter with my family. Even my brother and his girlfriend were there. I loved it! Love having everyone together sometimes. And mum did very well with the meal! Sorry no photos, was all eaten up too quickly – proof of how good it was!

Saturday we all got wrapped up, trainers and wind-proof macs, and went walking up Bredon Hill with the dogs. I don’t think Alex liked this walk as much, as the dogs didn’t want much to do with him; the countrysidey goings on, scents and smells are way more interesting!

We were pretty lucky with the weather – nice and dry, only a little chilly on top. We sat up by the stone elephant, had a little rest and a creme egg – It was for easter after all.




I only just realised my photo of the elephant isn’t here 🙁 

We walked back down, stopping at the pub on the way home for a cheeky pepsi sat outside soaking up the few rays which were breaking through the clouds!

Me and Alex then cooked dinner that evening for us all – Fajitas yummm – Again, it did all disappear all too quickly! My auntie and uncle and cousins came down in the evening and we all sat about having a laugh and a natter over a couple drinks.

We travelled back yesterday and have spent most of the rest of the weekend chilling and relaxing – Just what I needed! Today we did pop out for a stroll to Angel and had some frozen yoghurt from Samba Swirl – My fave frozen yoghurt shop! Will tell you more soon!


Yummm… Just looking at it is making me want more now!

I felt nice and rested to start this week – AND it’s only three days until the weekend now!

Hope you all had a fab Easter too!