You might have seen in my review of Farmstand that I like to go out for the odd breakfast with my colleague and friend H, but I think I mentioned that I’m also on a mission to find the best porridge in London. A tough task.

26 Grains had been on my list to try out for quite a while, being well-known for their porridge and savoury grain dishes. My friend and I tried to go along one Friday, but unfortunately they were having issues, so tried somewhere else. Me, too excited to try it to wait too long, decided I’d try and go by myself the following week.
26 Grains is a cute little cafe, nestled in Neal’s yard, easily one of the most photographic places in London. It’s colourful and pretty, and all looks really hidden away from the everyday hustle and bustle of Shaftesbury Avenue.
26 Grains Neal's Yard, porridge London
I turned up at just gone 8, which is when 26 Grains opens, and it was already getting busy.
I pondered the menu whilst in the queue, trying to decide between the few porridge options which all sounded amazing, and finally settled for orange, cardamom and pistachio porridge, before finding a spot to sit down and wait for my breakfast.
26 Grains Neal's Yard, porridge London
All of the tables had tap water in carafes, with cucumber ribbons inside, for customers to help themselves, so I poured myself a glass, and before long my name was being called, and my porridge delivered. It looked amazing…
26 Grains Neal's Yard, porridge London
26 Grains definitely delivers its food in an instagrammable style.
Not only was it really pretty, it was absolutely delicious too. The porridge slightly runny, yet a nice thick consistency, was covered in a sweet liquid from the flavourings which added a sweetness to the entire dish. The orange flavour came through, and the pistachio added a nice crunch – I do love the flavour of pistachios too, it just goes so well with orange!
26 Grains Neal's Yard, porridge London
I have to say, I finished the whole lot. It was so yummy, I couldn’t bare to leave any. I  definitely chose well, but I can’t say it’d be the best out of the options as they all looked so good. I think they change regularly too, trying to say seasonal, which I love.
I sat for a little while after, relaxing and taking time for myself before starting my Friday at work. It was busy, but I didn’t feel rushed out, although I think they probably turned round my table very quickly when I left.
At roughly £6 for a bowl of porridge, it is one the top end of what I’d pay for porridge out, but it’s so worth it!
I’ll most definitely be heading back – A lady next to me had a savoury breakfast dish which I was eyeing up so I think I might be trying that next time! You’ll have to keep an eye out on my Instagram. I think H wants to go too, so I’ll probably pop along with her before work one morning, it’s a really nice way to start the day!
I can imagine the weekends being pretty busy, but trust me, it’s worth the wait – especially if you’re a porridge lover like me!
Where’s your favourite place for breakfast/porridge?
Chloe xx