One thing I love about my job is that I get to meet people for meetings over breakfast or lunch. In fact, it’s expected of you. What’s not good about that?

As I always try to make it easier for the person I’m meeting to get back to office in time, it means I get to eat out in several different areas of the city, which gives so many more opportunities to try a new place. And as you all know, I love to try new food spots.
I recently had a breakfast meeting with Rachel in Kensington, near High Street Ken station – lovely area, beautiful buildings and huge stores. I proposed a few restaurants (all from my list of places to try), and we finally settled on Balans Soho Society.
Balans Soho Society Kensington
Just after 8 on a Thursday it wasn’t busy, with only a few tables taken, so it was nice and quiet for a catch-up! It was really warm (always a bonus in the winter), and the interior, although contemporary and almost minimalist (the far area looked really cute), it was really cosy and inviting.
Balans Soho Society Kensington
Being super cold outside (I really can’t cope in this icy weather) we both had a hot drink to warm up, and ordered pretty quickly – spurred on by my craving for smoked salmon, I had already picked what I was going to have the day before, after checking out the menu on my lunch break. I ordered the smoked salmon which was served with scrambled egg, avocado and toast, along with a flat white, whilst Rachel ordered a tea, the granola, served with yoghurt and fresh fruit and a strawberry and banana smoothie.
Luckily, Rachel knows I blog, and being a blogger too, didn’t mind me taking a few snaps – it almost kills me these days when I can’t take pictures of my food. Bad, I know. But in my defence, it’s only because I want to tell you all about it and if it’s a good meal!
Balans Soho Society Kensington
Our breakfast looked delicious – and pretty healthy. I’m quite proud of our choices.
 Balans Soho Society Kensington
A generous portion, sprinkled with black pepper on my request, my breakfast had plenty of fresh smoked salmon which I drizzled with the juice from the fresh lemon, half a delicious ripe avocado and thick and creamy scrambled egg. The freshly baked bread was thick sliced, with a crunchy crust, and airy, light middle. Spread with a little butter, it was in my opinion very tasty. Very filling, it was just what I needed to satisfy that salmon craving.
Balans Soho Society Kensington
My flat white was delicious too, not too strong, with a decent froth on top.
Rachel had had the Granola before, but because it was so good she had to have it again. Thick yoghurt, which reminded me of the Greek yoghurt I sometimes buy, luxurious and creamy, topped with fresh fruit and golden Granola which Rachel said was quite nutty. She  as also given a little pot of honey to drizzle over the dish to give it a little sweetness. It sounded and looked seriously good.
Balans Soho Society Kensington
We finished up before heading our separate ways to work – a lovely morning and start to the day.
At only roughly £28 for breakfast for two, including drinks and service, it’s not bad for Kensington! The team was helpful, and service was quick so we were out within the hour (rushed by only ourselves and the places we had to be, rather than the team at Balans) – perfect for a work meeting.
Where’s your favourite breakfast stop?
Chloe xx