I do love a homemade breakfast throughout the week, but sometimes I like to go out for the odd pre-work brekkie. I love trying new places, and I’m on a secret search to find the best porridge place in London – I have tried a few, and no I don’t ever get bored of porridge.

Last week, I had a catch-up over a pre-work breakfast with one of my friends. We went to try out 26 Grains (everyone raves about their porridge), but as they weren’t opening until a little later that morning, we ended up at a cute little spot I’d walked past a few times before, and had had on my list for a while, Farmstand.

Farmstand Breakfast

Relatively new (it only opened earlier this year), Farmstand is focused around nutritional healthy food, all available as “ready to go” – perfect for the offices around Covent Garden area. It’s really cute too, with a minimal, wooden and brick interior (I think to reflect the influences of a traditional farm stand serving fresh fruit and vegetables) along with plants and low hanging lights. I loved it.


There were a number of breakfast options including a cooked breakfast box (including three of the following: Free range eggs, roasted tomatoes, spinach, sausage or mushrooms),  banana bread with coconut yoghurt and fruit, coconut yoghurt with granola and fruit, or Porridge (Gluten free oats with quinoa, chia seeds, cinnamon and organic oat milk).

My friend and I both went for the porridge, but asked for some granola for topping too (it just looked so yummy!) and a little coconut yoghurt. Look how good our breakfast looked:


I’d never had porridge made with oat milk  before, I normally have dairy in my porridge, but this was a great change. It was a great consistency, runny but not too thin, and wasn’t too sweet by itself. The toasted granola was made with seeds, oats, nuts and dried fruit, adding a little sweetness and a delicious crunch to the dish. The coconut yoghurt added an extra creaminess, making the whole dish divine – I need to start adding yoghurt to my porridge at home!

I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast at Farmstand, and so did my friend. It was filling – I didn’t get peckish until lunchtime – and so cheap (porridge is £2.95). It’s highly worth a visit if you’re in the area for the day.

They’ve also got some fresh and healthy options for lunch too, so I’m sure I’ll be heading back! Their build your own boxes look fab.

Have you got a favourite cheap breakfast place?

Chloe xx