I told you guys all about what my sister, Emma, planned for my birthday recently (read my post here). She did a stellar job, full of surprises and giggles along the way.

Well, with a full day out, we obviously had to stop for a bite to eat. And she totally smashed that too.

Opening my little stage 2 card, on the Saturday it didn’t give much away apart from the fact that she was treating me to lunch. And that’s when she took me to Bill’s. In my eyes, Bill’s is always a winner.

Jumping the queue, as Emma had thought ahead and booked us a table, we settled into a cute little table for two – Emma taking the comfy sofa seat along the back, leaving me the wooden chair with the whoopie cushion style pillow. Ok, so it didn’t make the noises but every time I moved it felt like it was reinflating, but it was still reasonably comfortable it just made me giggle thinking back to my childhood days.

Brunch at Bill's Restaurant, Birmingham

I love the interior of Bill’s. Stripped woods, rustic colours, big dark brown leather chairs and tin pots on the tables holding the cutlery, it almost has a farmhouse, cosy atmosphere which makes you feel like you’ve stepped into someone else’s home for dinner.

Brunch at Bill's Restaurant, Birmingham

I always look around to see what others are eating, as I like to know what looks good, especially if I haven’t had chance to study all the images on Instagram. Spotting a couple eating brunch, I quickly browsed the menus to find out if they were still serving. We were in luck!

Mentioning that I could choose whatever I wanted even from the main menu, as she thought I was just thinking about prices, I could see Emma slyly eyeing up the pancakes on the brunch menu. And I couldn’t blame her.

Both menus have so many options, with the main menu offering a wide range of starters, mains and desserts including everything from burgers, ribs and salads to fish, vegetable Daal (which I actually had the other week and it was amazing!), cinnamon doughnuts and rhubarb crumble, and the brunch menu offering plenty of savoury or sweet dishes. But joking about me being the “brunch queen”, I just couldn’t resist the scrambled eggs and salmon.

Brunch at Bill's Restaurant, Birmingham

Accompanied by a refreshing smooth coconut water, my brunch totally hit the spot. Fluffy scrambled egg and plenty of fresh smoked salmon, on toasted white bloomer, it was delicious.

Brunch at Bill's Restaurant, BirminghamBrunch at Bill's Restaurant, Birmingham

Emma’s pancakes were seriously tasty too. Sweet and light, they were covered in maple syrup, strawberries and banana. Three would have been plenty, but ordering hungry, she went for five and struggled to finish the dish even though they were so good – they were really filling! If there’d been room to eat all five, we might have needed more fruit anyway.

Brunch at Bill's Restaurant, BirminghamBrunch at Bill's Restaurant, Birmingham

The cloudy apple juice she ordered was crisp, fresh and sweet, and although a regular would have been fine, the large seemed to go down a treat.

Full and more than satisfied, we were ready to take on what the afternoon held, at which point Emma had just told me what we were doing!

At only Β£25 for breakfast, drinks and service for two, it’s actually really well priced! There are Bill’s all over the country too, so there’s bound to be one to fall back on wherever you head for the weekend – although if you haven’t been before, I’d definitely say it should be up there in your must visit list.

Where’s your favourite place for breakfast currently?

Chloe xx