Breakfast in bed is undeniably one of the best things.

Even when you like cooking, like I do, there’s something about having brunch or breakfast brought to you, whilst you’re still all cosy under the duvet. Ok, I do get out of bed to shower so I feel better about myself before jumping back into bed ready to indulge, but that’s not the point – I like to feel good about myself, even if I’m in bed all morning. Surely I can’t be the only one.

Well what if you both didn’t have to get out of bed, except to answer the front door? Ok, so it’s not exactly brought to you whilst in bed but almost…

Collecting our brown paper bag from the delivery driver on Sunday, after a quick race down the two flights of stairs (I always panic they might turn away if I’m not quick enough!), we were both back under the duvet, albeit in the front room with our housemate, ready for a house brunch in bed – and no one had to slave away in the kitchen.

Homeburger Breakfast in Bread brunch burger takeaway, delivery

Nestled carefully in the three sturdy Homeburger boxes were the new Breakfast in Bread burgers (yes I giggled at the name too!) – everything you imagine on a full English, all between two halves of a slightly toasted, delicious and soft brioche bun.

Homeburger Breakfast in Bread brunch burger takeaway, delivery

And when I say carefully nestled, I mean, each burger had a cardboard strap around it, almost like a belt to stop the bulge, and keep all the ingredients stacked in the right way, making sure it was delivered as you’d expect, and not a mushy mess – we’ve all had those times when we order something and it looks NOTHING like the picture, have we not?

The standard Breakfast in Bread, or in other words, the meaty option, was huge! I couldn’t fit it in my mouth to take a bite, but the boys seemed pretty capable.

Homeburger Breakfast in Bread brunch burger takeaway, delivery

Sausage patty, American cheese, smoked streaky bacon, Homeburger hash brown, grilled tomato, baked bean puree and a fried egg sunny side up, it really was a full English in a bun and it seriously impressed us all.

Homeburger Breakfast in Bread brunch burger takeaway, delivery

There was so much flavour in each mouthful (even if the mouthful didn’t quite include all the layers), that even when getting full you just couldn’t stop yourself from going in for another bite, and another… until there was nothing left.

The Veggie Breakfast in Bread – Sauteed garlic mushrooms, crispy onion shards, fried egg, Homeburger hash brown, American cheese, grilled tomato and baked bean puree – actually topped the standard option for me.

Homeburger Breakfast in Bread brunch burger takeaway, delivery

Being a meat eater, this is a big feat, but those flavoursome crispy onion shards and juicy mushrooms, combined with the crispiest hash brown just couldn’t be beaten. It really was a winner for me.

Homeburger Breakfast in Bread brunch burger takeaway, delivery

Settling in, full tummies, with a coffee in hand, we snuggled down for the rest of a lazy morning (and afternoon!) with the smallest amount of washing up. I can tell you, we didn’t eat again until dinner that evening!

An awesome way to start the day, I think breakfast delivery is a must every now and again – I think it might be our little house treat! I’m sure we’ll be ordering these again – my housemate was super envious of my veggie burger. I promise I didn’t wave it front of his face gloating that I’d picked the best option. Oh wait, that sounds like me.

At £8.95 for the veggie option and £9.95 for the standard, it might not be as cheap as making brunch at home, but for a treat it’s well worth it and you’d definitely spend more than this eating out for breakfast.

What’s your favourite way to treat yourself at the moment?

Chloe xx

*Homeburger provided me with breakfast burgers to review. All views my own.