Last week Alex found out that he got the job…whoo! So I decided, being the proud girlfriend, that I’d treat him to dinner and a drink (or two) to celebrate.

I knew what was top of my list to try, but as it was his treat I let him choose, keeping my fingers crossed he’d choose well…and he did! Great minds eh?

So on the Friday evening we jumped on the bus (well maybe not jumped as he was still on crutches!), and headed down to Camden, near KERB, to find the Honest Burger branch there.

When I first spotted it I was surprised to see just how small it was…it was tiny! I think there were about 7/8 tables for two along the back, and then some raised seats and a higher table along the window, and that’s it! Cute. Considering this, I thought we were pretty lucky to be seated right away, at about 7.45 on a Friday evening.

Honest Burger, burger and beer

After being explained the menu (we were newbies but it’s an easy menu, the only thing to note being that ALL burgers come with rosemary chips), and being offered a recommendation (I must have looked confused whilst deciding which to go for, they all looked so good) we both ordered the Tribute burger, consisting of beef, bacon, American cheese, burger sauce, French’s mustard, pickles, onion and lettuce – Alex’s without the mustard, onion and pickles – and a beer each too. I’m getting into this whole beer drinking business!

At this point we realised how warm it was inside. After being outside where you could see your own breath, it was that cold, I was removing my coat AND Cardi! And for me that’s an achievement!

Drinks were speedy. Our lager was delivered in large bottles, with stein style glasses, so we poured our own. I should have this down to a tee having worked in a pub, but still managed to make mine a bit frothy, whoops.

I really liked the Paulaner (the lager they served). It was really light and refreshing, making it perfect for someone who’s only recently started drinking more beer. I also noticed that they even do a gluten free lager too!

Burgers weren’t far behind, I think making it the fastest burger I’ve ever received in a restaurant. They were obviously really fresh, hot and looked so juicy.

Honest Burger, burger and beer

I actually couldn’t believe how big the portion of chips was too…they’re not like all the Artisan burger places!

Honest Burger, burger and beer

The burgers were incredible. Cooked medium, so still slightly pink in the middle which is how they recommend it, it was so flavoursome and juicy. The meat itself was rich and tender, the brioche bun soft and sweet, and combination of flavours with the onion, pickles, burger sauce, crispy bacon and French’s Mustard was spot on, meaning every bite was savoured. Even when I was full I didn’t want it to finish.

Honest Burger, burger and beerHonest Burger, burger and beer

The chips were great too. Crisp on the outside, fluffy in the middle, with some smaller crispier ones too (I love these bits!), they were generously seasoned in rosemary salt giving them a lovely flavour. They were quite salty, which Alex mentioned, and then I realised that was probably why I liked them so much – I’m not normally a chip fan, unless they’re sweet potato ones!

Honest Burger, burger and beer

The beer went down really well with the burger too – I now know why people pair these together!

Service continued to be super efficient, yet not feeling pushy. We paid up, and they were really friendly when we left too, wishing Alex well (reminder: he was on crutches) which I thought was sweet.

At roughly £30 for a meal for two, and two large beers, I think it’s really reasonable for London – normally burgers are about £8- £10 by themselves and then you have to order sides separately. The drinks were all reasonable too, with cocktails listed at £6. The food was delicious and the service friendly and efficient, so we’ll definitely be returning – perhaps I’ll try a cocktail next time, and I really want to try the veggie burger too!

Have you been to Honest Burger? Which is your favourite to order?

Chloe xx