Alex is a sucker for a burger. Give him a list of choices for somewhere to go for dinner and no doubt he’ll pick the burger option if you give him one. So when we were out for drinks one Friday night recently, and I offered to get us a Five Guys on the way home, he obviously couldn’t wait to take me up on my offer – well who wouldn’t want a burger when your other half is paying for it?!

So we made our way to the Five Guys in Kings Cross, detouring on our way home, and had soon ordered 2 huge burgers, a small side of spicy fries to share (the amount of food just gets silly otherwise) and 2 refillable drinks.
The awesome thing about five guys is that you get to pick the type of burger – hamburger, cheese burger, bacon cheeseburger – or even a hotdog, and choose whatever toppings you like from their list of 15. Yes that’s right, whichever toppings you want!!
So Alex, being quite simply pleased when it comes to burgers for the basic fact that he doesn’t like mayo based sauces or many vegetables, including pickles (I know right? I flipping LOVE pickles!), went for the bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, jalapeños and BBQ sauce. I went for the Cheese Burger, all the way, which means with all the toppings listed in black – Mayo, lettuce, pickle, tomato, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, ketchup and mustard.
Waiting for our burgers, we helped ourselves to our soft drinks from the machine. This is another thing I love about Five Guys, you get loads of soft drink options – each drink has 5/6 different flavours so you can get drinks such as Vanilla Coke or cherry tango, and pretty much every drink comes in a diet or sugar free variety too. Winning! I end up going back a couple of times so I get to try a few different ones.
Once our order number was called (once you’ve ordered at the till point, you wait round the side for your meal), with burger in hand, a little pot of ketchup and some monkey nuts (you get to help yourself when you dine there!) we found a window seat and perched ready to indulge.
Burgers at Five Guys
I started with a few fries, which were nicely spiced with Cajun seasoning, with skins still on, crisp on the outside, fluffy in the middle. I had a few more whilst enjoying my burger, dipped in my ketchup.
Burgers at Five Guys
My burger was another level. The burgers at Five Guys have two patties (I always forget this!), making them huge, so going all the way with the toppings, I’m surprised I could fit the burger in my mouth! The patties themselves were thickly cut, really juicy and tender, and cooked perfectly, extremely flavoursome. All the way has to be one of the best options for topping your burger too – everything is so fresh, the sauces when combined lit rally make up what’s known as ‘burger sauce’, and everything just adds so much more flavour to each and every mouthful. The only thing I might skip next time is the tomato, as it started making everything slip, making it harder to eat without getting too messy.
Burgers at Five Guys
Alex really enjoyed his burger too. He always goes for a bacon cheeseburger of sorts, wherever we go, and this one definitely didn’t disappoint.
Burgers at Five Guys
I finished up with some nuts instead of more chips (trying to be healthier haha), and also because I’m sure they’re slightly salted somehow and are really tasty!
Once we were done, I made sure I had enough to drink before the last part of travelling home, we cleared our table of rubbish, and headed off! You pay when you order so there’s no waiting around for a bill.
At £26.60 for 2 burgers, a small side of fries and 2 refillable drinks, it’s pretty reasonable for these gourmet burger places. Service is pretty efficient, food is delicious, drinks choice is fab and they are unlimited, and you get free nuts!
There’s quite a few around the UK now too. If you’re out and about one evening, on a Christmas outing, on a trip to the theatre or cinema, I definitely recommend it.
Have you been to Five Guys? What toppings do you choose?
Chloe xx