Ok, so I don’t mean naked as in no clothes.

I know there’s a restaurant like that in London, but to be honest, I’d rather not have my post-burger tummy out for all to see.
Gourmet Burger Kitchen calls their bunless option, going naked. Well thought out right? (I actually laugh at quite a lot of their advertising and marketing slogans!)
Last week, on the way back from an event, and in search of somewhere for a reasonably priced meal, Alex and I stopped by a GBK. We do love a GBK, and we probably end up there every once in a while, due to the options, price and reward scheme (if you download their app you earn stamps every time you go, with rewards every 2-3 stamps, and there’s challenges for winning other rewards too!). There’s always a new burger for me to try, and we’ve had the odd free one, or free side, from being regulars (I say regulars, but the rewards do last a while..it’s more like we’re loyal).
Alex has only a few times picked anything other than the GBK Cheese & Bacon burger, a beef patty topped with crispy bacon, BBQ sauce, house mayo, dill pickle and salad, with a choice of mature cheddar, smoked applewood or American cheese – apparently it’s just the best – whilst I like to shake it up. My choice this time might just have been the best pick yet.
I went for the Bourbon Street, a mustard grilled beef patty topped with jalapenos, mature Cheddar, bourbon glazed mushrooms, sriracha mayo and salad. I also went naked, swapping the bun for the GBK homeslaw and simple green salad for an extra 50p. I risked not getting any fries, even though I do love the sweet potato ones (the baconaisse is incredible), hoping I’d have enough. Alex had said I could have a few of his if not – winner right there! 
We ordered two strawberry and elderflower fizz too (I never have anything different – so refreshing, fruity and sweet, AND refillable) and helped ourselves to the nuts whilst we waited.
Going Naked at Gourmet Burger Kitchen
Food took about the length of time you’d expect for a fresh burger to be cooked (it obviously depends on how well done you have the meat, we went for medium), and our little table in the corner was soon full.
Going Naked at Gourmet Burger Kitchen
I don’t know why I even doubted I’d have enough, look at the size of my meal. With a reasonable sized side salad and plenty of homeslaw, I couldn’t wait to dig in.
Going Naked at Gourmet Burger Kitchen
The mustard burger, topped with melted cheese and mushrooms was slightly pink in the middle (perfect), rich and tender. The combination of toppings worked really well together, with the mustard and bourbon mushrooms really helping to bring out the flavour of the beef, and adding a delightful richness to the dish.
Going Naked at Gourmet Burger Kitchen
The homeslaw was crisp and fresh, not too creamy and it had a nice crunch. It was full of colour, from the different fruits and vegetables, and I loved the addition of pomegranate (this seems to be everywhere at the moment), which added a slight juiciness.
The side salad was made up mixed leaves and seeds. Drizzled in a light dressing, it was fresh and delicious too.
I think this combination of the Bourbon Street burger, salad and slaw put me in food heaven. As I said earlier, I think this might have been my best choice yet and I definitely didn’t miss the bun.
Not only did I thoroughly enjoy my meal, I didn’t feel overly full after, meaning Alex didn’t have to endure my moaning all the way home. Hehe.
Alex’s burger was just as good as always. The burger was tender, juicy and extremely flavoursome, topped with bacon and melted smoked applewood cheese which added a slight creaminess, all served in a slightly toasted, yet soft, burger bun. Alex hates mayonnaise and pickles, and even without these, the burger was still super yummy.
Going Naked at Gourmet Burger Kitchen
I have to admit, I did pinch a few of Alex’s sweet potato fries, just to make sure they were OK 😛 which of course they were. GBK do some of my favourite sweet potato fries, which is why it was such a big thing not to order them, but I wasn’t tempted to have any more than a few, as my salad and slaw really were that good.

We finished up, having devoured almost everything, completely satisfied.

With a meal for two coming in between £25 and £30, it’s pretty reasonable, especially as the drinks are refillable too. If you get the app, like I have, you also get the added benefits from regular visits – I actually have a free kiwi burger next time for having been to a few different branches since downloading it, what a treat.

I can’t wait to go back and I’ll most definitely be going naked again 😉 I didn’t miss my bun, or my sweet potato fries too much, because the salad and homeslaw were super yummy. It’s a great option for those who are gluten free too!

What’s your favourite GBK burger or side?

Chloe xx