Nestled in one of the shipping containers which make up the synonymous Box Park in Shoreditch, Les Deux Amie is a bustling Creperie offering fresh handmade crepes with all manner of sweet and savoury fillings.

Les Deux Amies Crepes, Box Park

Alex and I went along one Sunday afternoon to give them a whirl. We got there at a really good time, with not too much of a queue before us, but many people following us in. In fact, it might possibly have been the busiest stall on the ground floor at times…and we were soon to find out why.

Les Deux Amies Crepes, Box ParkQuick pic during a rare quiet point when we visited

The menu isn’t overly complicated. You choose whether you want a sweet or savoury crepe and then pick your fillings, which are charged individually. However the list and possible combinations was overwhelming and I was soon considering a few too many possibilities – does peanut butter got with pear? Ooo and would marshmallows go with banana? What about Nutella and jam?

Les Deux Amies Crepes, Box Park

Orders at the ready, the crepe masters on hand whip up your chosen fresh pancake orders on the pancake grill/iron right in front of you, adding the fillings, before folding it up ready to eat. Within about 5 minutes you have you crepe ready to devour. Now that’s speedy food!

Les Deux Amies Crepes, Box Park

Both opting for sweet, Alex went for a Nutella, banana, strawberry jam and sugar combination served with vanilla ice cream. With plenty of the chocolate hazelnut spread everyone loves, the chocolate oozed out of the crepe with every cut into it. The flavour was super sweet, but a delicious mix of fruity and chocolatey flavours. The creamy vanilla ice cream was the perfect accompaniment to balance the flavours and make it not too sickly.

Les Deux Amies Crepes, Box Park

A peanut butter enthusiast, I couldn’t not pick PB for my crepe. So my fillings went…peanut butter, banana, chopped walnuts and dark chocolate chips. I know right..i think I got a bit excited. I had mine with ice cream too, but this time chocolate.

Les Deux Amies Crepes, Box Park

The peanut butter just shone through the other flavours, with the walnuts adding a fab crunch, and the dark chocolate chips melting giving it a rich, sweet taste. With chocolate ice cream, it was a chocoholics dream right there on that paper tray. Very rich and sweet, it sure was an indulgent treat – well it is nearly Christmas!

The crepes themselves were thin, perfectly cooked, and weren’t too greasy either. I think they would have even tasted good with the usual (popular) minimal toppings of sugar and lemon!

Les Deux Amies Crepes, Box Park
Soft drinks and hot drinks are on the menu too. I don’t think I could have finished my crepe without a cold drink to balance me out from all the rich flavours – but it was one seriously good crepe.

The only downside is that as it’s Box Park, space is limited so we perched on the end of one of the cubes out the front of the store, whilst two others sat at the only table. But you do have to expect that when visiting a popup – there is a seating area upstairs where the other food outlets are too. We were just too lazy to go see if there was space.


Overall, a fab little treat stop – the savoury options looked perfect for brunch or lunch too! With pancakes starting from £2 and fillings priced at £0.50 to £2 each on top, it’s pretty cheap too and service is super friendly! If you’re on the area I do recommend popping by.

Have you been? What are your favourite crepe fillings?

Chloe xx

*I was invited along to try the crepes at Les Deux Amies. All views my own.