Last Friday I took Alex to try MOD Pizza, the brand new London Pizza hotspot, and I have to say it’s a big contender on the London pizza scene!

Having crossed the pond from the USA, MOD Pizza just opened its flagship store in Leicester Square, with the concept of the restaurant being that you get to modify your toppings, ALL of them! You get free range on toppings and the pizza is the same price – I know right, how can you not try that out. They also do salads, which as it was a Friday I wasn’t quite feeling, but I’m sure I will be back to try them soon enough.

Anyway, back to last Friday….Turning up at 7.30pm on the evening of its first day (I know, we were super keen to give this new place a go!), it wasn’t overly busy. We were greeted by two lovely hosts and explained the process.

MOD Pizza, Leicester Square

It basically works a bit like Subway, but with pizzas. You queue up, get transported from the base and sauce station, to the meat section, veggies, and finally sauces and extra cheese. I was blown away by the choices at first, just look how many there are…

MOD Pizza, Leicester Square

But it’s much easier to choose as you make your way along the pizza conveyor. I went for a red sauce on a standard base, sundried tomatoes, chicken, ham and anchovies, olives, spicy red peppers and mushrooms with extra feta on top. Wow, thinking back I really did choose a lot!

Alex went for red sauce and mozzarella too but with pepperoni, sausage, ground beef and bacon, olives and jalapenos, extra feta and a drizzle of BBQ sauce to finish.

We then grabbed our drinks, Alex a pint of Heineken and myself a homemade lemonade, and found a seat with our order number.

MOD Pizza, Leicester Square

The homemade lemonade was fab – you get a plastic cup and you get to help yourself from the lemonade stand. There were three flavours when we went, strawberry, blackberry and a classic lemonade, along with a homemade iced tea. I tried both the strawberry and the blackberry, and both were super yummy although I think the Blackberry was my favourite.

MOD Pizza, Leicester Square

They have seating on three floors, so we easily found a seat – a little cosy corner by the window so that we could watch the hustle and bustle out in Leicester Square whilst sipping our drinks.

Before long, one of the lovely MOD pizza team was delivering our pizzas to our table upstairs, and (after a couple of quick snaps) we were soon tucking in.

MOD Pizza, Leicester Square

My pizza was absolutely delicious. It was on a thin base (just how I like it) which was perfectly crisp – not greasy at all. My pizza was piled with toppings, but still had plenty of cheese. It was delicious, with all the toppings really well spaced out – it seemed like they really thought about each slice when they put the toppings on! What’s worse then a slice of pizza with hardly any toppings compared to the rest of your pizza?

MOD Pizza, Leicester Square MOD Pizza, Leicester SquareI did add a few chilli flakes as I like the extra heat!

Ok, so my anchovies did over power some of my pizza toppings, but that was my choice and to be honest it made a nice change – I’d never had them on a pizza before and loved it! The chicken was tender and soft, the mushrooms big and juicy and I loved the sundried tomatoes too. I mean, how can you not like what you choose for your own pizza? You’d only have yourself to blame when you’ve had so much control over how it’s made haha.

MOD Pizza, Leicester Square

Alex’s pizza was like a meat lovers heaven, and to be completely honest I did have a little food envy as it tasted SO good. All the meat was juicy and flavoursome, the feta on top added an extra depth, the jalapenos a nice spice, and the BBQ drizzle just finished it off perfectly. I wasn’t surprised when it was soon all gone!

MOD Pizza, Leicester SquareMOD Pizza, Leicester Square

Alex actually said that it might be the best pizza he’s ever had! Bold statement but he really did enjoy it that much.

Once we’d allowed our pizzas to go down a little, I popped back down to get us the Cinnamon Strips we’d been eyeing up since the start – a cinnamon flavoured pizza base, with choice of a chocolate, strawberry or cinnamon glaze to dip into! Alex being the huge cinnamon fan that he is, we couldn’t leave without testing this first!

We also ordered 2 milkshakes, Alex going for the vanilla with the Oreo cookie pieces mix-in and myself the vanilla shake with sea salt toffee mix-in.

By this time, it was much busier and tables were getting filled up pretty quickly, although I didn’t know how full downstairs was. Service was still pretty quick, and our milkshakes and cinnamon strips were soon delivered to our table.

MOD Pizza, Leicester Square

The cinnamon strips were soft, warm and sweet with a good sprinkling of cinnamon spice. We picked the chocolate dip which was actually a dark chocolate. It was really yummy but very rich – we think we’d probably go for the cinnamon glaze or give the strawberry sauce a whirl next time.
MOD Pizza, Leicester SquareOK, I seriously needed to paint my nails – please don’t judge. They’re now a nice sparkly gold.
The milkshakes were super thick and creamy, almost like a cup of mr whippy ice cream. The shake itself was really vanilla-y (I’m sure that’s a word), and although very thick, as soon as it had melted a little it was easier to drink and tasted absolutely delightful. The mix-ins came through in chewy mouthfuls, and I really enjoyed my sea salt fudge. Alex said his Oreo shake was absolutely delicious too!
As you pay as you go (when your order), as it’s sort of a fast food restaurant, you don’t have to wait around for the bill. So once we’d finished our cinnamon strips, we took the rest of our shakes for our journey home.
Overall, MOD Pizza definitely made a mark! Being classed as the ‘Best pizza he’s ever had’ by Alex, and definitely being right up there for me too, we think it’s a very strong contender on the pizza scene here in the U.K. The homemade lemonade is such a cool addition, rather than just serving the regular soft drinks which are served everywhere, and shows how MOD want to be seen as serving fresh, handmade delicious food and drink.  I loved that they had cinnamon strips for dessert, something I’d never seen before, and the shakes made for a fab companion to finish the dessert off too.
We’ll most definitely be heading back for another pizza very soon. Will we see you there?
What are your favourite pizza topping at the moment?
Chloe xx
*I was invited along to review the menu at MOD Pizza. All views my own.