After a few Christmas cocktails with Kim, in the week before one of the best weekends of the year, we decided we needed pie.

Both being from the midlands, we can appreciate how good a simple pie and mash can really be. Warming, comforting and really filling, it’d be perfect to end the night. So off we toddled to find Mother Mash.
Mother Mash is a restaurant specialising in exactly what you would think it does from its name, MASH – one of my favourite carbs. To accompany the mash, as you obviously can’t eat it on its own (Yes, I have done this before, just with gravy after a night out – it used to be my go to drunk food, but that’s another story) they serve theirs with organic sausages and gourmet pies.
Just off Carnaby, it’s pretty easy to find, and actually reasonably big with the restaurant going back quite far.
We were soon sat in a booth considering our options. The menu is reasonably simple – you pick a Mash, you pick sausages or a pie, and then you pick your gravy – but there are so many combinations, and all the options sound SO good.
Mother Mash Carnaby
I went for the sweet potato mash with a chicken, leek and bacon pie and onion gravy. Kim opted for the champ mash, steak pie and traditional gravy. We both also had a Camden Hells too.
Mother Mash Carnaby
Service was extremely quick, and we were soon tucking my into our pie and Mash.
My chicken, leek and bacon pie had a good thickness of pastry (it wasn’t overly thick or too thin to hold the contents in), and the middle was creamy and flavoursome, with chunks of tender chicken and bacon.
Mother Mash Carnaby
The Mash was smooth and super tasty too (how do they get it so smooth?). At first, I wasn’t 100% sure about putting sweet potato mash with a pie, as it’s usually a normal potato mash, but this combo worked so well in my opinion. Covered in plenty of onion gravy the whole dish was delicious, and although I thought I might not finish it, I did as it was too good to leave.
Mother Mash Carnaby
Kim really enjoyed hers too, mentioning how tasty it was – it really was just what we needed!
We didn’t have space for dessert after that (not sure how you could), but they did have a dessert menu which looked pretty decent.
We finished our beers and paid up. At £15 each, including the meal, beer and a small tip, it’s really reasonably priced for Carnaby.
Overall, tasty comforting food, speedy service and great price. What’s not good about that?
Where do you go for your comfort food fix?
Chloe xx