We’ve all heard it. Fish and chips in London aren’t as good as in the North.

And to be honest, fish and chips back home in the Midlands do taste different. Perhaps a little greasier. The fish with a little more batter. The chips might even be triple cooked due to less customers than a London eatery. And we all know how much better triple cooked chips are (If you haven’t tasted these beauties you have to take a trip to Hawksmoor soon!).

Oliver's Fish & Chips, Belsize Park

I’ve only had fish and chips a few times since living in London, always a little disappointed and making a mental note to wait until I visit my parents for my next fix. But I recently had a portion that made me re-think.

I’d passed Oliver’s Fish and Chips on the way up to Belsize Park numerous times, on the bus or during my runs. It always stood out to me, as I don’t think I’d ever seen a fish and chip shop look so posh and upper class.

From the outside, it looks pristine, and definitely good enough to eat in – if you’d rather that than eating them snuggled up on the sofa, which tends to be my favourite position for this type of takeaway.

What makes these fish and chips better than home (big challenge!), is you can order these sat on the sofa, and wait for them to arrive at your door! If you’re feeling too cosy to move, want to avoid the rain, or don’t have enough money on your oyster this is perfect and something which shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Oliver's Fish & Chips, Belsize Park

The menu itself features all the usual options you’d expect from a chippy, including haddock and fishcakes, but there’s also a couple of unique dishes like the ope ciabattas and grilled seabass fillet.

The foil-lined boxes the meals arrive in, keep the food hot enough, and the delivery itself is always feels pretty speedy – we’ve ordered a couple of times now.

Oliver's Fish & Chips, Belsize Park

The battered cod is delicious. Tender, light and flaky, the cod fillet is lightly battered and fried, but not greasy. The chips, thick cut as you’d expect from a proper chippy, are fluffy in the middle, crisp on the outside and have that authentic chip shop taste, without leaving your fingers covered in oil. Portions are big, so you could easily get away with sharing a large chips between two, and you’ll still be full!

Oliver's Fish & Chips, Belsize Park

Now there’s one thing which is always a point for debate, and it was with Alex too until I got him to try it properly – curry sauce. Thick, creamy, aromatic chip shop curry sauce is one of the best dips ever in my mind, so it’s always a must, and Oliver’s sure didn’t let us down on this side of things either. In fact, it’s Oliver’s which converted Alex to the other side – he now has to order it on the side!


At £8 for a battered cod fillet, £2 for a standard portion of chips, or £3 for a large, and curry sauce priced at £1.50, it is a lot more than I’d pay for fish and chips back in the Midlands. However, for fish and chips as good as, if not better than, back home, from a posh chippy near Hampstead, I would say it’s definitely worth forking out for.

Have you found a good place for fish and chips in London?

Chloe xx