Monday sure crepes up on us quite quickly 😉 can leave you feeling flat as a pancake… (ok I’m stopping with the puns). But I’ve found the saying “a Sunday/weekend well spent brings a week of content” to ring pretty true. So it’s even more important to make the most of the weekends…doing the things you love and need.

For me, that’s food. Well gym too. And seeing friends. But you can do that over food right?! Plus a little rest and relaxation, catching up on the fave TV shows.

Bank Holiday Weekends seem to leave me with work blues. Lots more than any usual weekend. The extra day really makes a difference. It’s like I get holiday blues. But I’m still adamant we need one every month. So on Bank Holiday Monday we headed South to Chelsea for crepes.

Chelsea Creperie

Chelsea Creperie is a small, independent creperie directly opposite Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. The inside feels like a minimalist cafe, but with amazing landscape canvasses on the walls. There’s only about 26 covers, so it is small. But it wasn’t overly busy at 12pm on the bank holiday. I think the location might make people second-guess how good it is. But it really shouldn’t.

Chelsea Creperie

The menu is pretty extensive. More variety than Le Creperie de Hampstead. There are plenty of sweet savoury crepe options, and even a few all day breakfast numbers. The savoury side of things, had lots of cheesy veggie numbers as well as meatier choices including a Mediterranean (Feta, spinach, tomatoes, olive and pesto), Tartiflette (Reblochon cheese, gratin dauphinois, bacon, crystallised onions, cream) and the Norwegian (Smoked salmon, cream, lemon, dill). The sweet side had all the usual you’d expect and more, from Sugar Lemon or Nutella to Belle Helene (Vanilla gelato, pear, dark chocolate, whipped cream) and Amazing Apple (Crystallised apple, salted caramel, vanilla gelato, cinnamon, whipped cream). There are even a several waffles, and few salads on there too…although not sure why you’d do that to yourself whilst your pancake date is eating these…

Chelsea Creperie

The crepes themselves are made from buckwheat. This makes them more brown in colour, and taste more savoury. Almost like a wholemeal crepe. Each holding (actually almost hiding) the ingredients inside, showing only a peek into the fillings.

Chelsea Creperie

The All Day Breakfast is a pretty beasty crepe. With chopped bacon, a sausage, fried egg, cheddar, baked beans (minus the mushrooms & tomato, because y’know, Alex) it was packed with filling. The baked beans didn’t make the filling too runny, so there was still the urge for a bit of ketchup/brown sauce. The sausage was pretty tasty, as was the bacon. The yolk was just runny. It was like a better version of a full english, with a crepe rather than toast.

Chelsea Creperie

The Chevre was even better in my eyes. Goats cheese, crystallised tomatoes, rocket salad, honey & walnuts makes this one seriously cheesy crepe. Goats cheese and tomatoes is always a good combo. But slightly melt the cheese, add crunchy walnuts and you have one fab combo. It almost tastes a little indulgent, but the buckwheat crepe reminds you it’s not actually unhealthy. I loved it.

Chelsea Creperie

It was different having a rocket salad on the side. But something I’d definitely do again. Even with breakfast crepes!

The drinks menu surprised me a little. There weren’t just teas, coffees, juices & smoothies, but beer, cider, fizz and wine too! So if you’re after a boozy brunch/lunch they have you covered.

For those not drinking (through detox, choice or being hungover – crepes make a great hangover brekkie), there’s plenty of choice too. The smoothies were great. Both really cold, sweet and fruity. The strawberry and banana slightly thicker, it was a delicious consistency. And perfect temperature for Alex.

Chelsea Creperie

The strawberry, banana & beetroot ( a special at the time), blew my mind. I’d never thought about putting beetroot in a smoothie before, but it tasted SO GOOD. The beetroot adding a sweeter edge, and tangy after taste.

The smoothies were a great finish to breakfast, ending the meal on a sweet note.


  • Price: With crepes between £3 and £11.50, it’s pretty good for Chelsea. Ours were £8.50 and £9.
  • Food: The buckwheat crepes are so tasty. Plenty of options for fillings.
  • Drinks: There is alcohol available, but I’d highly recommend getting a smoothie!
  • Atmosphere: Quiet, minimalist cafe. Friendly, attentive team.
  • Wait: There were plenty of tables free on arrival. The wait for food wasn’t long at all – the crepes are whipped up fresh in no time.

Where do you go for crepes? What are your favourite fillings?

Chloe xx

*I was invited along to review Chelsea Creperie. All views my own.