I don’t normally travel that far for a restaurant. Living in North London, most places south of the river take over an hour to get to – which I think is pretty long! When you can get your hands on something similar, closer to home, it doesn’t feel worth it. Also, my ‘must-visit’ restaurant list is always ever growing, so I’m never lost for somewhere new this side of the Thames.

Occasionally however, a little gem pops up, and you can’t resist going that extra distance. That’s exactly what happened with Megan’s in Fulham. And I’d happily take the hour long trip again for this fantastic restaurant.

Dinner at Megan's Fulham

Megan’s is about a 10 minute walk from Fulham station. On Kings Road, this contemporary delicatessen and cafe slash Mediterranean grill restaurant isn’t too hard to spot. The outside does radiate those fancy deli vibes. You know the kind, small menu, fresh to order dishes, healthy cuisine, rustic and pretty small. I’d already eyed up the seating outside, regardless of it being on a main road and a little chilly.

However as we were greeted, we were guided downstairs to the most romantic dining space.  Fairy lights filled the walls. The pastel colours of the upstairs still present, with the rustic woods of the benches, tables and chairs. There was a corner donned with bird cages, and the room practically twinkled.

Dinner at Megan's Fulham Dinner at Megan's Fulham

A location to take a date to? Most definitely. But I was with one of the girls from work, and it made a great spot for a catch up too.

The drinks menu isn’t overly extensive but has plenty of wine, spirit and beer options, with a handful of cocktails too. With Aperol listed, it was a no brainer…the need to feel summery was too much.

Dinner at Megan's FulhamDinner at Megan's Fulham

It was prepared perfectly (balance of ingredients on point), and so was the Hendricks and tonic we had too.

Somewhere you could just go for a cheeky bevvy or two. But only if you don’t suffer food envy.

The dishes all look amazing, which makes the choice pretty tough. Think open kebabs, piled with fresh and juicy ingredients, deconstructed kebabs, baked eggs (shakshouka), sweet potato bowls and grills, like chicken or halloumi skewers.

We shared. Because when there’s so many you want to try, there’s seriously no other option.

Dinner at Megan's Fulham

The posh lamb ‘doner’ open kebab was my fave of the night. The overnight braised lamb shoulder was oh so tender, but crispy in places reminding me a little of Chinese duck. This came piled on a soft flatbread, with rich feta, pistachio, creamy hummus, pickles, imam bayildi and red cabbage. The mix of creamy mild, crunchy and strong potent flavours worked so well. It was absolutely delicious. I don’t think I could go back to a standard kebab again. 

Dinner at Megan's Fulham

We had to add halloumi too, because I can’t resist. I LOVE a bit of grilled halloumi. It’s a no brainer really. 

The quinoa falafel deconstructed pan kebab was like no kebab I’d had before. The quinoa and falafel was in a rich, spicy shakshouka style sauce with roasted veg, pistachio & coconut yoghurt. The falafel was more tender than crumbly, and was actually really flavoursome. The warm, floury flatbread served alongside was perfect for mopping up the sauces.

Dinner at Megan's Fulham Dinner at Megan's Fulham

There are plenty of starters too, including calamari, antipasti and piri piri cauliflower wings. But I had to save space, with this dessert in mind…

Dinner at Megan's Fulham

The warm cookie dough. Half baked. With oozy Nutella in the centre, crunchy pistachios and the creamiest vanilla ice cream. Heavenly.

Dinner at Megan's Fulham Dinner at Megan's Fulham

A sharer, it is pretty huge! Although I still had to stop myself from having more than my fair share. It was just too moreish. And you did not want to leave any of the melted Nutella behind.


  • Price: Most mains fall between £9.50 and £15, which is pretty good for that area. Drinks were really reasonable too!
  • Food: Super fresh and absolutely delicious! Unlike any kebabs I’ve had before. And that cookie dough was INCREDIBLE.
  • Drinks: A few cocktails on the menu, several wine and beer options, along with juices, smoothies and soft drink options.
  • Atmosphere: SO romantic! A room filled with fairy lights. Perfect spot for a date night. Not too busy in the week.
  • Wait: It was pretty quiet inside during the week. Service was really friendly and efficient.

Dinner at Megan's Fulham

Have you tried kebabs which look as good as this? Where should I try next to fulfill the constant hummus and Mediterranean cravings?

Chloe xx

*I was invited along with Megan’s for the purpose of this review. All views my own.