Foxlow had been one of those mysterious places on my list for a while. I don’t know where I heard about it but I heard it was a fab place for meat eaters (and now veggies and vegans too). I still didn’t quite expect it to be so busy on the Tuesday we visited, but it just shows how good it really is when an almost hidden spot is packed out early week. Unfortunately, it’s been closed down by owners, Hawksmoor, which is such a shame because this was one awesome restaurant!

Foxlow positions itself as a neighbourhood restaurant inspired by British produce, serving β€œthe best steak, brunch and Sunday roasts”. We felt welcomed from the minute we stepped inside the Clerkenwell location, had our coats taken for safekeeping and were shown to our little table for two nestled among the other Tuesday night diners. Jarrod who served us, was actually amazing. He was funny, super friendly and passionate about what he was doing and making everyone have a good experience. He actually made me start thinking I’d want to go and work there!

The menu was pretty extensive, with a good selection of starters and mains, to cover many tastes and dietary requirements. There were a number of dishes I was stuck between.

Foxlow Clerkenwell Xinger Burger

We were actually there to try the new burger, the Xinger. A tongue-in-cheek play on the one we all know, yes that fast food one. And I can tell you this one is SO much better.

The Foxlow Xinger is loaded with spice-coated Creedy Carver chicken, red chilli relish and spicy aubergine sauce and served with onion. It’s actually got a nice kick to it, which many ‘spicy’ burgers don’t have. The chicken was really crispy on the outside and not at all greasy, meaning no soggy burgers or buns. Winning. It came with smoked paprika cubed home fries, which were fantastic in flavour, and cooked just as you’d hope cubed potatoes would be. One awesome limited edition meal. It’s only around until the end of April!

Foxlow Clerkenwell Xinger Burger

The other meal finally settled on, the house-cured Scottish salmon, was a really good choice too. We couldn’t have picked two more different dishes right?! The salmon itself was beautifully tenderΒ and really tasty. It was served with saffron-roasted fennel and new potatoes. The fennel was a la dente and added a fab flavour to the dish, whilst the potatoes were great too.

Foxlow Clerkenwell

We all know what I’m like when it comes to Mac ‘n’ Cheese. So I’m sure you can guess that, as a chilli version was on the menu too alongside 5 other sides including mushrooms with tarragon gravy and Baked Jerusalem artichokes, thyme & whey butter, that we just had to have it. It was quite a runny mac, the cheese not so much thick and gooey, but there was enough of a mozzarella pull. The pasta was smaller – meaning a greater cheese to pasta ratio, and the top was crisp with breadcrumbs too. It was seriously dreamy.

Foxlow Clerkenwell

With a dessert menu featuring sticky toffee pudding, you can’t resist.

But this isn’t the only dessert which caught our eye. The Reese With a spoon could not be resisted, and quite rightly. Not just because of the pun. A chocolate, peanut and caramel tart with banana cream and salted peanut brittle, it would probably be most peanut butter lovers dream dessert. It was rich, smooth and absolutely delicious with the peanut flavour shining through. You HAVE to try this!

Foxlow Clerkenwell

The sticky toffee was a really good one too. A lake district classic, it had plenty of sticky sauce, the sponge was moist, and it had a superb flavour too. Perhaps could have had a little extra clotted cream but overall an awesome choice for sure. Our verdict = definitely share this with another dessert to avoid envy.

Foxlow Clerkenwell

As for the drinks, it’s actually free corkage every Tuesday. Which could have been the reason it was so busy.

But really, it’s all about the cocktails.

There are a handful of signature numbers as well as the classics. I loved how each cocktail outlined what kind of glass or size it was served in, and there was a key along the side.Β So helpful – I hate when you order a cocktail and it comes in a small glass when you’re hoping for a hiball.

Foxlow Clerkenwell

The Shaky Pete’s Ginger Brew, with gin, ginger, lemon & London pride was a winner. It arrived in a tankard, making one large drink, and was very ginger-y and refreshing.Β I wouldn’t normally opt for a cocktail with beer in, but sure had a little envy over this one.

In addition, the Cool Rummings (again not picked for the pun, I promise) consisting of house rum blend, angostura, velvet falernum, pineapple and lime, was a fab cocktail too. Only slightly bitter, it reminded me of being on holiday in St. Lucia. A deliciously tropical number which went well alongside our dishes.

Overall, such a fab night – brilliant service, fantastic food and cocktails, and a fab buzzy atmosphere. We loved it and will definitely be returning.


  • Price: Mains are predominantly priced between Β£10 and Β£15.50 (except sirloin and Ribeye which are more as expected). Wine starts at Β£4.50 for a small glass, and as for cocktails, Foxlow has a 5 O’clock drop, where they drop certain cocktails to Β£5!
  • Food: The limited edition Xinger burger is a winner, and both desserts were fab! Such good quality and so much flavour.
  • Drinks: All about the cocktails! Love the menu and the key which tells you the size of each cocktail. The cocktails we tried were fab!
  • Atmosphere: Buzzy and lively. Especially for a Tuesday. Everyone seemed to be having fun, and the service was next level – so fun and friendly.
  • Wait: it was very busy the Tuesday we visited, and we can imagine it being this way for most of the week, so do book ahead!

Would you usually stay clear of cocktails featuring beer too?

Chloe xx

*I was invited along to review Foxlow, as part of the East London Girl team. All views my own.