I’m a huge fan of pizza. A good thin and crisp base. Super cheesy. Plenty of veggie toppings. Perhaps a little meat too. Or anchovies. Mmmm. There I go again day dreaming about pizza. But I don’t always opt for pizza because, well basically, one there’s so much choice that I end up going for something else when out. But two, it doesn’t make me feel the best after I’ve eaten it. Because when you’re somewhere like Franco Manca or Pizza Pilgrims, you’re going to eat a whole pizza. And all that dough is never going to make you feel amazing. Sometimes you just have to give in, wear the stretchy waistband, but now there’s another option too.


Panzo β€˜pizzas’ are created on sourdough bases, made with a combination of rice, soy and wheat flour too, and left to prove for up to 72 hours. They claim to be low in saturated fat and are meant to be easier to digest too! (I mean eating doughy foods are always going to make you a little bloated, but I felt pretty good the next morning).

Panzo pizza, exmouth market

They’re double cooked, are the teeniest bit oily (think sourdough cross with foccacia) and are super delicious! In fact, I’ll go as far as saying I prefer this to a normal base! They’re really that good.

Panzo is actually the name of the restaurant too.

Panzo is a super cute little spot on Exmouth Market, amongst the twinkly lights. The interior, tables and seats are pretty beige, but the walls are filled with small prints, mini shelves, plenty of plants and there are hanging lights too. It’s a lovely little spot.Β Service was friendly also, which always makes a difference.

Panzo pizza, exmouth market

The menu features ten panzos (with options to modify) – obviously the main attraction. There’s also a few salads, arancini and pasta dishes, bread and olives too.

All the breads went down a treat with 15 of us foodies.

They were slightly crisp on the edges, with the same dough as the pizza.Β The Garlic & Rosemary had a beautifully subtle flavour. A classic.

Panzo pizza, exmouth market

The Green Pesto & Tomato bread was a sure fire fave amongst many.Β  It had plenty of rich tomato and nutty pesto. Absolutely fantastic.

Panzo pizza, exmouth market

Continuing with the carbs feast…

The panzo ‘pizzas’ were a big hit with us all too. Some obviously taking the spotlight a little more.

The Quattro Formaggi, a mix of Goat’s Cheese, Gorgonzola, Mozzarella, Grana Padano, was SO cheesy! I loved the fact that it was served with a balsamic glaze – it gave it an extra depth to the flavour. So indulgent.

The Triple P got a lot of buzz around the table. A combination ofΒ Roasted Pumpkin Cream, Mozzarella, Tuscan Pancetta, Salt Cured Sicilian Ricotta Cheese and Parsley, it was nicknamed the ‘carbonara’ pizza, and enjoyed by many!

Panzo pizza, exmouth market

I had to try the vegan number. Called the Popeye, it was topped with homemade zucchini mint cream, spinach, garlic, red onions and black olives. To me, it was more like an open top sandwich than a pizza (or Panzo), but was still really tasty! I still don’t think I’d choose this instead of a cheesy option, as I’m not vegan, but for anyone doing Veganuary, or who’s gone totally vegan, it’s pretty good.

Panzo pizza, exmouth market

Panzo pizza, exmouth market
A pizza crossed with curry, I never thought would work. But the Curry panzo, with slightly Spicy Chicken Curry made with Bell Peppers, Onions, balanced mix of Spices, was actually pretty creamy and made a fab pizza topping. One I really enjoyed.
The panzo which topped my favourites however, was the St. Paolo.Β Gorgonzola Cream, Roasted Mushrooms, Truffle Oil and Parsley, it was rich, indulgent, and packed with truffle flavour. It was seriously dreamy. I would go for this time and time again!
Panzo pizza, exmouth market

As for the drinks, Panzo has just launched a new gin menu!

The new menu features 11 gin options, from Brockmans to Gin Mare and Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger Gin. They’re all served in huge copa style glasses, with their own garnish. Gin makes such a refreshing accompaniment for panzo – such a better combo than with beer! The Rhubarb & Ginger Gin was delicious.
Panzo pizza, exmouth market
I had such a fab evening at the event organised by East London Girl. It’s always lovely to catch-up with and meet fellow foodies. But especially when it’s at such a good spot. This is definitely somewhere I’ll be heading back to.


  • Price: The panzos are all priced at Β£8.95 which I think is fantastic. The breads start at Β£3.95 (but are huge) and the gin Β£7.95. All in all, great value for money!
  • Food: This panzo crust is the one. There are some fantastic toppings choices too.
  • Drinks: Plenty to choose from, including a new gin menu with some great options.
  • Atmosphere: Super cute, relaxed, quiet and friendly.
  • Wait: It was pretty quiet in the week so you should be able to just walk in, weekends may get busier.

If you’re a sourdough pizza fan, I highly recommend getting yourself down to Panzo! Let me know what you think. Where’s your favourite pizza place right now?

Chloe xx

*I was invited along to an event organised by East London Girl. All views my own.Β