I love Christmas. Because let’s face it when else does pretty much everyone launch a menu full of cranberry sauce, cheese (Omg brie!), pigs in blankets, cinnamon spiced everything and boozy hot drinks?! Now you hear me!Β One of my fave Christmas menus has to be a burger one. I’m usually impartial to a seriously cheesy, beef number, with cranberry and all the trimmings. Ultimately, not the person who usually orders a chicken burger (I know, I know, its the closest thing to turkey but still, I’ve had bad experiences). But that was until I tried the Xmas Shack at Shake Shack this week – the Shake Shack Christmas menu launched Wednesday. It was SO good…I had to tell you all about it.

Shake Shack, Xmas Shack

The Xmas Shack, features a delicious, tender, crispy chicken breast topped with slightly melted gruyere cheese, pickled shallots, fresh sliced kale, an amazing cranberry bacon chutney & creamy gravy mayo. It was incredible. The chicken was SO crisp and stayed that way. No soggy chicken or burger buns. Whilst it sounds like a lot of filling, it wasn’t overloaded, and all went so well together. The kale was a delicious touch, instead of lettuce. There was just enough chutney and gravy mayo to give the burger a fab flavour, yet not too much to get messy. Honestly, it was insane. The best chicken burger I’ve tried. I’m definitely heading back for another this season- they’re in all UK shacks until 8th Jan.

Shake Shack, Xmas Shack

I always have time for the Shake Shack Cheesy Fries too! They look a little Christmassy with the chillis, but the cheesy fries are available all year round. I just had to mention them because you HAVE to get them if you go…

Shake Shack, Xmas Shack

But not only do they have a seriously good Christmas burger (and those cheesy fries), Shake Shack has launched Mulled Wine AND hot chocolate, as well as a cookie shake.

The mulled wine, a blend of Shack Red wine, fresh orange juice, star anise and a house-made spice mix, was actually pretty good for a fast food establishment! It arrived very warm and sure satisfied my mulled wine craving.

Shake Shack, Xmas Shack

The Christmas Cookie Shake, a sugar cookie frozen custard, topped with whipped cream, crumbled shortbread and red and green sprinkles, looked like Christmas in a cup. It was super thick and creamy, with quite a vanilla flavour. Maybe one to share if you’re going with the whole shebang and are a vanilla shake fan.

Shake Shack, Xmas Shack

Me in the happy place right there!

I’d, however, recommend saving the space for a hot chocolate. A Shack blend of bittersweet dark chocolate and fresh milk with whipped cream on top, its thick (but not overly so), creamy, and super yummy. The hot chocolate itself, is more like a milk chocolate, due to the milk, and cream, which is fab. You can order with mint or blood orange liqueur too, and I van confirm the blood orange liqueur one is divine!


  • Price: The Xmas burger is Β£8.50 which is pretty standard (compared to other similar chains) – it’s worth it!
  • Food: The Xmas Shack burger is another level. Make sure this is on your list this season
  • Drinks: some great new drinks for Christmas. Definitely, recommend leaving space for a hot chocolate with blood orange liqueur
  • Atmosphere: depends on which shack, some can be a little busy and crazy. But they’re all pretty chilled when it comes to it – due to nature of service, you can set the pace, and the team has always been pretty friendly in whichever shack I’ve visited.
  • Wait: This depends on Shack, but usually not too bad! This burger is worth a little wait anyway if your nearest shack does get busy.

Have you tried any festive menus yet?

Chloe xx

*I was invited along to the launch of the new Christmas menu. All views my own