Being a Londoner now for five years, I know the value of trying to find good offers. London can be expensive. Especially when plans with friends naturally seem to revolve around food or drinks. Or both. It’s just so easy to meet in central London, or close to where you both work rather than at someones house. Mainly because we all live all over London, and just outside too.

Time Out More Card

I regularly look through Time Out Offers for new places to try, or great deals. And then recently Time Out launched its More Card. A new offer scheme which gives members freebies/queue jumps at a number of places around the city. I obviously had it give it a whirl.

Once all signed up, you get a virtual card and you can browse the offers online. Pretty simple. You don’t need an app. Just your log-in details. Or if you’re on Samsung, your fingerprint 😉

Time Out More Card

There are quite a few locations already on board, with offers ranging from a free drink for the card holder, to free side/dessert or even queue jump.

There are a few which already caught my eye:

  • Franco Manca – Free Drink (Up to 2 per card holder, if 2 dine) I know there are plenty of Franco Manca enthusiasts out there, so this would make some great savings across the year
  • Nonna’s Gelato – Buy one get one free
  • Popping Licks – Buy one get one free
  • BIRD – 6 free wings with any purchase over £10
  • Shoryu – Free chicken wings or Goma Kyuri Cucumber

It’s still in its early days and they’re getting new places on board all the time! Excited to see what else makes an appearance on the list. I think it’ll help me try even more new places.

I liked searching venues close to home/work, for inspo on where to dine. Being able to search by venue was also handy when I’d heard about a specific offer too. But you can also filter by offer, cuisine of price point. You can also save offers and re-visit later – something which is super handy.

I will be completely honest and say that at first I was a bit dubious about the price – it’s £29.99 for the year. But it works out at less than a latte each month. So you’ll easily make that back and more. It’s all about getting little extras.

You can get 20% too off before 30th June with code TIMEOUTLOCALS. A little insider discount for you there.

Time Out More Card

We headed down to Where the Pancakes Are yesterday to test our Time Out More Card. I’d been dying to take Alex since it first opened. He’s the biggest pancake fan.

Even on a sunny Saturday, the queue for a table for two was only five minutes which is fab. You can probably guess how happy I was when we got a spot in the sun.

Where The Pancakes Are is pretty cute inside and out. The interior is contemporary and minimalist. It’s light and airy, with greenery and hanging pendants. The exterior a little more basic, but a cute spot in the sunshine.

The menu changes seasonally. With six savoury options, six sweet options, two dutch babies (baked) and three specials, it’s pretty extensive for a pancake menu! The drinks menu is pretty reasonably sized too with juices, hot drinks, cocktails, wine and beer.

Time Out More Card

The Time Out More Card gets you a free Smoky Maple Old Fashioned. Wild Turkey bourbon, angostura, maple
syrup, it’s not something I’d usually go for. Yet I tried something new and I can say it was delicious. Strong & potent, yet the orange and maple complimented this well, adding a sweet slightly citrus edge.

We also had The Calgary, because every breakfast needs coffee right!? So why not just go for the coffee cocktail. Espresso, vodka, xo patron tequila liquor, it was thinner than an espresso martini, and not as creamy. It was still a good choice. The vodka and tequila not too strong.

Time Out More Card

As I’d never tried a dutch pancake before, and I’ve seen so many crop up on Instagram, I just had to order one. The Bramley & Cox Apples, fresh berries, almond flakes, could not be ignored. Switching ice cream for house cream (in the worry the ice cream would melt too quickly in the heat), it was one tasty number.

Time Out More Card Time Out More Card

The pancake itself was crispy on top, less cooked in the middle where most of toppings were. Almost like a sweet, tastier yorkshire pudding. The toppings went beautifully. I do recommend getting the cream – it’s thick & tasty. Almost like a vanilla clotted cream.

I did however have some serious food envy over Alex’s choice. The American with three pancakes, swaledale butcher’s smoked streaky bacon, blueberries, pure maple syrup was topped with added banana and house cream making this beast of a dish.

Time Out More Card Time Out More Card

The pancakes were thick and fluffy. Alex has had plenty in his time, saying these he definitely approved of. The bacon was super tasty – some of the best crispy bacon I’ve tasted. With plenty of maple syrup, and the fresh fruit, it was one super delicious dish. It’s not a surprise that nothing was left! Alex even finished my cream. These pancakes did win by far when pitted against my baked one. 

We almost stayed for the rest of the world cup match on the screen in Flat Iron Square, but with plans to meet our friends we had to dash. It was nice to have been out for brunch before – some quality time before the madness.

The team at Where The Pancakes Are were well aware of the Time Out More Card too. It was smooth service, and the cocktail was discounted on the bill. Success!


  • Price: £29.99 (20% off before 30th June with TIMEOUTLOCALS). It works out at less than a latte each month. So you’ll easily make that back and more. It’s all about getting little extras.
  • Options: There are quite a few (several listed above). Some are better than others, it depends what you’re after. It’s still early days so more deals will be coming on soon!
  • Ease of Use: Sign up and you get a virtual card ready to go. You can browse and save offers for later. I didn’t have any issues using my card at Where The Pancakes Are.
  • Would I recommend?: I think it’d make a great gift – especially with the 20% off right now. Considering it’s priced at less than a latte each month, it’s not bad for getting those little extras. It’s going to make me try new spots too!

Do you try and find offers when going out?

Chloe xx

*This post is in collaboration with the Time Out More Card. All views my own.