There are a large number of pasta places in London. But I hardly choose an Italian when dining out. Even with my love of carbs. Partly because I think I can make it myself. Partly because it can easily be disappointing and hardly worth the trip out for dinner. There’s nothing more frustrating than going out for food and finding yourself tucking into something you think you could have topped yourself.

Trullo had been on my must-visit list for a while however. I’ve strolled past a few times, it always looking sophisticated and classy, yet relaxed. Always drawing me in. I’d heard great things too. Lots of great things. So I had to try it for myself, and see if it could really live up to the reviews.

Trullo, italian, st pauls roadTrullo, italian, st pauls road

Trullo is on St. Paul’s Road, literally a 3 minute walk from Highbury & Islington Station. From greeting to leaving, it had that sophisticated feel, as expected. The service was spot on too. Friendly but not constantly at your table. We all know, it’s a hard one to balance. I popped along on a Monday evening with Kim and Katy, and it was even pretty buzzy then. Definitely one to book at, as they miraculously take reservations!

The wine menu is pretty extensive, with over 40 different varieties. There’s also beers, aperitifs and soft options. The Trebbiano Rubione 2017 Vin Vita (white) was light and not overly dry. A delicious accompaniment to our vegetarian options. I love a veggie option anyway, but I’m actually trying to eat more vegetarian foods in the week. Little life insight for you there 😉

Trullo, italian, st pauls road Trullo, italian, st pauls road

I’ll be completely honest, the food menu overwhelmed me a little. Although succinct, it was filled with so many delicious sounding options, both for meat eaters and vegetarians. There were a couple of vegan options when I went too. Even with cutting out the meaty ones, there was still plenty to choose from. It actually changes daily so the menu could be slightly different each time you go.

Luckily, we did the whole sharing thing and just picked several between us.

I never would have been able to choose one or two for myself.

Trullo, italian, st pauls road

The Bruschetta of Slow Cooked Green Beans with Pecorino Toscano made for one fab starter. The green beans cooked beautifully, the toast lightly crisp, it was one fresh, flavoursome dish.

The Fettuccine with Scottish Girolles was a big hit. Scottish girolles being fungi/mushrooms, for anyone who almost googled, as did I. I love a mushroom number, so I had high hopes for this. It did not disappoint. It was mildly creamy, although not coated in sauce. The mushrooms added that signature umami flavour, and it was fantastic. This is a must order.

Trullo, italian, st pauls road Trullo, italian, st pauls road

You can’t get much more simple than the Tagliarini with Black Pepper and Parmesan. Tagliarini pasta with minimal additions. The traditional way. This is how you can tell a good pasta spot. And I can say, this was delicious! The parmesan and pepper adding depth, but not overpowering.

Trullo, italian, st pauls road

We got sucked in by the burrata too. Well when can you not?! The fresh Burrata came with grilled polenta, courgette trifolate and salsa rossa. The grilled polenta was crisp on the outside, fluffy in the middle, a lot like a potato waffle. But corn-flavoured and superior. The courgette trifolate was mild in flavour, the courgettes themselves soft but not mushy. The salsa a contrast, vibrant, flavoursome. This was my other fave of the evening. Although only just, as everything really was SO good.

Trullo, italian, st pauls road

We also tried the marinated aubergine with mint and golden garlic, and a fresh side salad, which were both fab accompaniments to the other dishes. The aubergine tasty, but not quite a show stopper for me by itself.

The dessert menu looked to good to ignore. With a hand-picked selection of desserts, including tarts and ice cream, how can you not have one to taste. Even between three. The panna cotta was a boozy number, made with grappa. It was creamy and smooth, and delicious with the fresh juicy blueberries.

A great way to end a fab meal.


  • Price: With individual dishes from £4 through to £20, the price of dinner can vary. The white wine we had was £22 for the bottle, which was fantastic!
  • Food: You HAVE to try the pasta. Even the simplest dish is delicious! The ultimate sign of a good pasta spot. As mentioned, the menu changes daily so it could be a little different to this. I have all faith all the dishes would be fab!
  • Drinks: The Trebbiano Rubione 2017 Vin Vita went beautifully with all of our selected dishes, but there are plenty of options.
  • Atmosphere: Sophisticated, classy, relaxed.
  • Wait: Book if possible. It was pretty buzzy on a Monday.

If you’re a fan of italian, you HAVE to try this spot. Where does the best pasta you’ve ever tried?

Chloe xx