Sushi. Something I never would have dreamed of eating before moving to London. I mean, how could raw fish taste good?

Near my home home (well my parent’s house, but I call it home home), choices for eating out are pretty limited. Getting better but still. Even if you travelled to a nearby town or city, you pretty much had Italian restaurants, curry houses, Chinese buffets or a Pizza Hut and Nando’s. But you never really had the option to try many other world cuisines, maybe because they hadn’t properly broken into the UK market at that point, but London has opened my eyes to so many new foods it’s incredible. One of those being sushi.
Well it might actually be Alex who opened my eyes to it, but hey. I actually love sushi so much now that I crave it if I haven’t had it in a long time. Recently, I had one of those moments – I realised I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had sushi, so we had to go out for dinner.
Luckily we live pretty close to the Yo Sushi! in the O2 Centre on Finchley Road, so we jumped on a bus. We got there about 6ish for an early dinner and it wasn’t that busy. We sat down in a booth, ordered our unlimited filtered water and started tactically deciding what we were having first.
Yo Sushi! O2 Centre Finchley Road
The filtered water is a great choice. You pay £1.20 for the glass which you can fill as many times as you like from the taps on your table. They even have the choice of still or sparkling.
Alex had to have his favourite dish first, the Spicy Chicken ISO, whilst I grabbed something I didn’t recognise off the belt – it was a sushi roll, but looked as though it had seaweed in it.
Yo Sushi! O2 Centre Finchley Road
The Spicy Chicken ISO was really yummy. The rice perfectly soft and sticky, the chicken breaded to add a bit of texture, with a slight kick of spice (not too much though). Altogether a great choice – we got another portion later so that I could have some.
Yo Sushi! O2 Centre Finchley Road
My first sushi rolls of the evening were seriously yummy. With crispy seaweed to add extra crunch, they tasted fresh, and dipped in a little soy sauce were the perfect dish to start.
Yo Sushi! O2 Centre Finchley Road
We went on to have more sushi rolls, the spicy tuna were a big hit. Not overly fishy, as tuna can be quite meaty, they had a slight kick (but weren’t too spicy), and served in a smaller size they were perfect for eating in one go – I sometimes struggle with the larger rolls, never knowing whether to eat in one and look like a hamster, or try to bite in half, making a big mess and the second half falling apart. Any tips on this would be appreciated 😛
Yo Sushi! O2 Centre Finchley Road
We also ordered a couple of hot dishes, the chicken katsu and the chicken teriyaki. Both came out really hot, fresh out of the pan, they were absolutely delicious.
The katsu chicken, crispy on the outside, tender inside, was served with a light drizzle of fruity tonkatsu sauce, of which there definitely could have been more, but this dish was soon gone.
Yo Sushi! O2 Centre Finchley Road Yo Sushi! O2 Centre Finchley Road
The teriyaki, another fave of the evening, was super tender and flavoursome. Made with chicken breast meat, and smothered in a light teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds, it was so tasty.
Yo Sushi! O2 Centre Finchley Road
I also made us grab some chicken gyozas off the belt – crispy dumplings filled with minced chicken and vegetables, served with a soy vinegar dipping sauce – which was a great decision. I was savouring every bite.
Yo Sushi! O2 Centre Finchley Road
I wanted to eat so much more and I kept watching the belt go round and round with lots of options, but I couldn’t have even handled a dish of edamame beans. Nice and full, craving satisfied, we paid up and headed home.
Overall, it was a fab meal which definitely satisfied my sushi craving. There was plenty of choice circling on the conveyor belt and anything we fancied not on the belt (i.e. chicken katsu and chicken teriyaki), the waitress was soon on hand to order from – you just have to press your table buzzer. The team were friendly and helpful too which is always great.
As you keep your empty plates on the table to be added up at the end, you can easily keep track of how much you’re spending which is great (you’re charged per dish – there are 6 colours of dishes, each a different price). They do regularly have offers on too, so keep an eye out on the website for more info – We’re going to be heading back for one of their Blue Mondays soon.
Have you been to Yo Sushi before? What’s your favourite dish? If not, where do you go for sushi?
Chloe xx