The doorbell rang and after a little confused exchange of looks, and a shuffle for my keys, I realised that our Zing Zing delivery was waiting at our front door. My housemates and I (my BF and one of his besties – luckily we get on really well!) were having an impromptu night in, to celebrate Alex’s first week in his new job – which guys I’ll happily tell you that he’s settling in nicely and really enjoying it. Yayyy. 

For all of you not in the know – I wasn’t either – Zing Zing is a relatively new Chinese takeaway in London,which serves traditional chinese delicacies and a variety of new creations, all with no added flavour enhancers or preservatives – so no MSG!

Our feast, all packaged like a bag of lucky dip prizes, was hot and steamy and easily covered our little living room table ready for us all to dig in – it looked more like a banquet.

Zing Zing Chinese Takeaway, No MSG

The aromas from each dish filled the air of our little flat, giving it the “we’ve had a takeaway” lingering smell, which stayed for a while after, making me feel as though I wanted more, even after I was completely full.

With Alex still not overly keen on veggies, we had plenty of meat options to share, including the Sticky Pork Ribs, Duck Spring Rolls, Chicken Satay and Pork and Goji Berries Dumplings to start (or if you’re more like us, as a side), and the Firecracker Chicken, Sesame Glazed Chicken, Skinny Ginger Chicken and Coconut Tamarind Prawns for mains. Stir fried noodles, special fried rice and prawn crackers were also part of the feast too, to accompany the saucier dishes. Wow, listing it there makes me remember how big our order was.

Zing Zing Chinese Takeaway, No MSG

The sticky pork ribs were a firm favourite. Coated in a thick BBQ glaze, the meat was so tender that it came away from the bone easily, and were so tasty – as I was in the comfort of my own home I wasn’t afraid to get a bit messy either. Win win.

The duck spring rolls went down really well too. The filo pastry crispy and light, the mixture of duck and vegetables rich with a great depth of flavour, and the accompanying Hoisin Sauce Dip complimented that well, adding an almost deep fruity touch.

The boys really enjoyed the Firecracker chicken, Crunch coated chicken thigh, glazed in a sweet but spicy Korean hot sauce, served with onions, peppers and dry red chillis. It was slightly tangy, and released a good kick of heat as the sauce developed in the mouth. But I think the Sesame Glazed Chicken was the winning meaty main, slightly sweet, with a Korean feel, the chicken was just as tender, but the flavour outdid the heat and almost peri peri feel of the Firecracker.

Zing Zing Chinese Takeaway, No MSG

However the prawns. Oh the prawns. Forget meat, for me the prawns were the standout dish of the night. Smothered in a thick, tamarind and coconut milk, the plump and juicy lightly batter tiger prawns, along with the onions which were also part of the dish, were incredible. I put my portion with the special fried rice, attempting to make the flavours spread further to make it last longer, and savoured every mouthful. I cannot tell you how pleased I was to have leftovers of this dish for dinner the following night.

The noodles were standard noodles, perfect for accompanying the mains without distracting you from the flavour of each dish. The fried rice, soft and packed out with peas, egg and broccoli was delicious by itself, but great with other dishes too  – it was a fab side to compliment the prawns.

Zing Zing Chinese Takeaway, No MSG

Now guys, you might think that this feast would fill me up for a week, leaving no space to satisfy that sweet tooth, but when I saw the desserts on the menu, I had to find a hole big enough to fit one in. We did actually save plenty of leftovers for the next day. 

In with our order was another wrapped tray, containing four Banana and Nutella spring rolls! Yes you heard right. Banana & Nutella! Those hot crispy rolls which are usually filled with meat or veggie savoury options and consumed as a starter, are served with sweet fillings! This blew my mind.

Zing Zing Chinese Takeaway, No MSG

Reheated, as we’d taken so long to get through our banquet, they were still crisp on the outside, just like the duck ones we’d had only 20 minutes earlier. Dipping the spring roll into the side of custard and taking a bite, the Nutella oozed out of the remaining spring roll in my hand. The ratio of Nutella to chocolate to filo, perfect, almost dreamy – I’m sure I closed my eyes to really focus on the taste and savour the two rolls whilst they lasted, which I can tell you wasn’t for long.

We did share one portion between two, which was perfect for after such a big dinner, but I’m sure I could have found space for more – I’m already planning on getting them again next time, along with a portion of peanut butter ones which sound amazing!

Ok, so I felt super full after all that food, but I didn’t feel rubbish the next day – no MSG hangover! Win win.

Have you tried Zing Zing yet? What’s your favourite takeaway at the moment?

Chloe xx

*Zing Zing sent me a meal for three to review. All views my own.