How many times have you had Chinese and ordered something veggie? Ok, if you’re vegetarian, how often do you choose Chinese over another wold cuisine?

For me. I’d never ordered a veggie option, I usually love to choose something different to the many meat dishes I eat when with Alex. But it’s always been a  matter of limited options.

Looking at a standard Chinese menu, there’s a vegetable chow mein, mixed veggie curry, veggie sweet and sour, or just something plain, like mushrooms. Where’s the variety?

Well that was until recently. Zing Zing has just launched a new vegetarian and vegan offering, the ZZGREEN menu. With over 20 options, with everything from Szechuan Aubergine to Sweet Potato Rendang, there really is plenty to choose from. What’s better, it’s all MSG free, just like the rest of the menu, so you can skip that terrible food hangover.

Zing Zing Vegetarian Menu

The coconut dusted cauliflower blew my mind. So simple, yet creative. Something is never seen before. The cauliflower was lightly fried and dusted in sweet coconut, making a seriously beautiful starter. No need for extra sauce, but it does come with a sweet chilli sauce if you fancy giving it a dip.

The spring rolls, a rich veggie middle encased in layers of crispy filo, were delicious.

Zing Zing Vegetarian Menu

The salt and pepper mushrooms another favourite. Lightly coated, the delicate umami flavours were well balanced with the salt and pepper. Dipped into the plum sauce, it made for a superb pairing. I could have easily spent the night just eating these.

The sweet potato dumplings, still in production when we tried them, were fab. With a soft, sweet filling, these shumai style dumplings, with sweet potato and coriander, were almost something to finish on rather than start with. So different to any dumlings I’ve had before, and so creative.

Zing Zing Vegetarian Menu

Onto mains, and the Sweet Potato Rendang was a fave by far. Slow roasted sweet potato in a fragrant creamy Indonesian curry made from coconut milk, tamarind & lime leaves, it was mild and aromatic, and packed with flavour.

The Firecracker Cauliflower, glazed in a sweet but spicy Korean hot sauce, and served with chunky onions, juicy peppers and whole dry red chillis, had a beautiful kick of heat. Great for spice lovers like me. What’s more, it’s even vegan!

Zing Zing Vegetarian Menu

Another vegan option, the Szechuan Aubergine, wok tossed with a light ginger, garlic and chilli sauce, until soft, was more delicious than many meaty options I’ve picked in the past. Slightly spicy with a touch of sweetness, it’s moreish to say the least.

Zing Zing Vegetarian Menu

Lucy enjoying her Szechuan Aubergine and mastering her chopsticks

To finish off, the Banana and Nutella Spring Rolls were a big hit all round. I’d had these before, but you can never have too many. Oozing with warm hazelnut chocolate, the crispy spring rolls come with a thick custard sauce for dipping, which is an incredible combination.

The Chinese Doughnuts, sugar and cinnamon fried hirata buns, completely satisfied the remainder of the sweet craving. Sugary, slightly crispy on the outside, fluffy in the middle, they reminded me of churros, but were better. Dipped in custard, these will definitely be on the order next time!

Zing Zing Vegetarian Menu

The bubble tea, a jasmine milk with juicy balls, was enjoyed alongside the tasters of the dessert. Completely changing all perceptions on bubble tea, as I’d gone off the juicy variety, this milky drink was sweet, thin in consistency, and delicious with the sugary bubbles. A great way to end such a feast.


Overall, an awesome new vegetarian and vegan offering from Zing Zing! There are so many dishes I’d order, I’m definitely going vegetarian or vegan from now on. It’s great to have so much choice and variety, and all being super creative and packed with flavour – there’s no boring here!

Have you tried Zing Zing yet? What’s your favourite takeaway for variety of dishes?

Chloe xx

*I was invited along to the ZZGREEN menu launch event. All views my own.