Ok, I know what you’re thinking. Summer is over. Well and truly. The main tells being the fact that it’s always cloudy, seriously cold (is it me or have we suddenly had to get our winter coats out) and it rains. ALL. THE. TIME.

But a couple weeks ago it was different. Everyone was talking about a late Indian summer (let’s not go into how wrong they were!), and this is when I got to go to the coolest type of party – a pool party! Yes you read that right.

I was one of the lucky people to get picked to attend the Fitness First Summer Pool Party! And it was just as cool as it sounds.

After a quick tour of the gym (which is HUGE, extremely well-kitted out and with more studios and classes than I’d know what to do with), I stripped of into my swimming costume ready for the fun to begin – I never know whether to choose a costume or bikini when you’re doing fitness.

Fitness First Pool Party

We took a few snaps whilst preparing our game faces for the fitness session and headed in for our Aqua Fit class to begin.

Fitness First Pool PartyFitness First Pool Party Fitness First Pool Party

Our instructor Desta soon had us all warm, running under the water, doing tuck jumps and aerobics moves. The 45 minute sped by. They do say time flies when you’re having fun. From lifting ourselves out the pool to work our shoulders, to using the noodles (floats) to strengthen our legs and arms, it was a complete all over workout.

Fitness First Pool Party

We ended with a cycling race on the noodles under water, which was super competitive and SO much fun!

Fitness First Pool Party

After our workout, the real party began. Floats of all shapes and sizes were thrown into the pool – a unicorn doughnut, swan, and even an avocado!

Fitness First Pool PartyFitness First Pool Party

With a cocktail in hand, we all relaxed in the pool and splashed around getting to know each other some more – I met some lovely blogging ladies!

Fitness First Pool PartyFitness First Pool Party


One fab event! I loved Aqua Fit so much that I made sure I went to the classes on holiday. I will definitely be attending more here in London. The Fitness First Bishopsgate isn’t too far from my office, so I’m sure I’ll be back – perhaps to try one of the other classes…if I can choose from the list and not get too overwhelmed.

To be completely honest..it might be cold and miserable outside BUT inside we can just imagine it’s still a gorgeous summer day. Just don’t forget your umbrella for afterwards.

Have you tried any new classes recently?

Chloe xx

*I was incited along by Fitness First to the Summer Pool Party and Aqua Fit class. All views my own.ย