I love a group night out. An evening to have fun with your friends, laugh lots, and do something you enjoy. But it doesn’t always have to mean drinking right?

I recently got invited along to the Megamix games by Maximise, and got to invite 5 of my friends along too for an evening of fun and games. And fun it was!

My brother was down for the weekend so heΒ got to come along as one of my team. It was a fab way to spend his first evening with us, and he was SO good!

They held the event at the Lucozade Power League in Shoreditch, a great location for team sports, pretty central, and Β easy to find. They got us kitted out in team t-shirts (Lucy chose baby pink for our team, because all the boys look fab in the colour haha) and we were soon ready and raring to go.

Quick team photo first..

Maximise Megamix games

On the evening, the coach took us through a selection of games they play as part of one of their packages (they run hen and stag dos, but it would alsoΒ make an amazing birthday celebration!), and we were soon off doing egg and spoon races, sack races, skipping and hula hooping, as well as bubble football, disco dodgeball and races in beer goggles.

Check out some of my highlights…

I loved all the school playground style games to start with! We warmed up with a getting dressed race (we looked awesome in our headbands and flourescent vests haha), raced in sacks, on space hoppers, skipping, and did a number of relays. We also did the egg and spoon race. It was so much fun! We were all cheering each other on, taking it turns to go last – well that has to be the worst place to go!

Maximise Megamix gamesMe in my cool headband after the get dressed raceMaximise Megamix gamesTEAM!Β All looking great after getting dressed quickly πŸ˜›Maximise Megamix gamesMy awesome little bro doing the egg and spoon race…Β he was so fast!Maximise Megamix gamesListening to what was coming up nextMaximise Megamix games Maximise Megamix gamesSACK RACE!

I’m glad I had the guys though, as I can’t say I was the fastest, and I did fall off the space hopper haha (wish someone had caught that on camera!) but I really enjoyed it. We came second by the end of the games.

I wasn’t so good on the hula hooping, definitely not a natural, but did try. I just can’t keep the speed up! I realised how good it is for your abs – I’m definitely going to have to try this again! Some of the guys were SO good! One of my team, josh, made it through to the final!

Maximise Megamix games Maximise Megamix games

Bubble Football, wasΒ not my type of sport. I was never a team sport person, I think my fear of getting hit, or not performing well steers me away from these type of games.Β Β It was fun to try, and the boys absolutely LOVED it! They were running around bashing into each other, knocking each other over, winning the ball, scoring. It was really funny to watch too!

Maximise Megamix games Maximise Megamix gamesMe in my bubbleΒ Maximise Megamix games Maximise Megamix games

Another of my favourites from the evening were the drills with beer goggles, races and dribbling the football. It was absolutely hilarious! I don’t think my sight when I’m drunk is anywhere near as bad as those goggles, they were hard to see out of. Trying to run straight and dribble the football to the cones was hard and so funny, you could hardly see where the ball was even when it was right by your own feet. One of my team mates actually had to direct me with their voice. You can see me attempting this in the video above.

Maximise Megamix games

Disco dodgeball was also really fun. We had to compete against another team, dancing to the music, with the best team’s dance winning the most balls to start. Then it was the usual dodgeball rules. I hadn’t played dodgeball since school, and I was quiteΒ rusty but gave it a good go. The boys however were awesome! We were soon in the lead, and ended up winning.Β Β Maximise Megamix games

At the end, we had some delicious food supplied by 100 Islington Restaurant, whilst we waited for the results. We came in second out of the four teams. Although we didn’t win, we had one awesome evening!

Two hours of organised fun, some great mini-games, so many laughs, and I even ached the next day – it was one fab event! I’ll definitely be keeping this in mind for future celebrations, and would highly recommend for birthday parties, stag and hen dos!

If you fancy trying the Megamix activities, check out Maximise’sΒ Megamix Triple Combo activity. Maximise are offering a special promotion for my readers too for any hen dos – the bride goes free when you book a 2 night hen package. You just need to quote the code: MEGAMIX GAMES when bookingΒ onlineΒ or over the phoneΒ (020 8236 0111) – (**terms and conditions apply, see end of post)

Have you done anything like this before? What’s your favourite group sport/game?

Chloe xx

*I was invited along to the Megamix games event, along with 5 of my friends. All views my own.Β 

**The following terms and conditions apply to the Maximise promotion:

  1. a)Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  The discount cannot be used on any packages that have been discounted previously by Maximise. Β 
  2. b)Β Β Β Β Β Β A minimum 2 night’s stay is booked and the group size is a minimum of 10 people