Wednesday evening this week I met one of my girl friends in Fulham for a couple drinks and catch up.

We stopped at Broadway Bar and Grill, one her fave places. Pretty cool place – table tennis table in the corner, sofas, tabled area, seating outside…and it was a pretty friendly place too!

But one of my key discoveries was this bottle of fruity deliciousness!


I am a fan of a flavoured cider, especially with the weather being how it’s been the last couple days, there’s nothing like a cider or pimms in a beer garden. Normally a massive rekordelig fan..but as they didn’t have this, I tried this new make – ‘The Old Mout’.

The passion fruit and apple first – we thought we’d found the best flavour.

And then we tried the kiwi and lime. So refreshing and I felt like it was really quenching my thirst for cider. It was delicious! Not too sweet either (sometimes strawberry and lime Kopparberg/Rekordelig can taste a little too sweet).
A must- try for a cider lover.

Broadway Bar and Grill also gets a big thumbs up for being a great place to chill out and go for drinks. I’ll definitely be venturing back, perhaps I’ll risk a game of ping-pong next time too I say risk as knowing my luck, the ping-pong ball will end up in someone’s drink! Haha