My review from dinner, last weekend with the sister.

Saturday night whilst debating on the oh so many options London has to offer for dinner, we managed to decide we wanted MEXICAN! I had heard so many good reviews about Desperados in Angel, and never actually been for a meal, so we decided to give it a whirl.


When we got there, the place was buzzing with atmosphere, people celebrating birthdays, couples on dates, friends on nights out – everyone appeared to be having a great night, and even though we were so drained and tired from our long day shopping, we soon caught on to everyone else’s vibes.

The restaurant was pretty cool. The restaurant was all wooden inside, the bar had a vw campervan on the end (Facing the entrance to Desperados), the tables were quite close together making people get a bit cosy – giving the new European feeling, which I actually do quite like, and the lamp shades were pretty awesome too! Almost made me feel like I was on holiday….hmmmm…let’s not get carried away.


It was very busy, and we did start to worry we wouldn’t get a seat very quickly, but the waiter asked us to wait by the bar and within 5 minutes we were sat down on a lovely little table for two. The waiters were very friendly and as two tables came available at about the same time, we were given an option (Brownie points gained!). Opting for the table nearest the wall, to escape the draft of ice cold air which would come in through the door (unfortunately we didn’t manage to escape it all , but were very much better off than the people on the table we didn’t choose) we took our seats and gazed at the menus.

They were HUGE. And this is only the one side!


First up for decision time – cocktails. Two sides of an A4 menu . I wanted to try them all! But one in particular caught my eye, and Emma even agreed with me for once and ordered the same – No 7. Mexican Sunset.



The cocktails were amazing! It was almost a shame we weren’t making a night of it, as I wanted to order so many more. They do frozen martinis too which caught my eye – a must try for next time!

Next Up – Food. There were so many choices, and we were so hungry, we gave into our eyes being too big for our tummys and decided on starters too! With Calamari on the menu, Emma jumped at that, so I picked the BBQ chicken wings so then both were easy to share.


The chicken on the chicken wings fell off the bone, and was so juicy and succulent. The calamari were delicious too. Perfectly cooked, not too much coating (I really have had some awful ones in the past) and they weren’t greasy either. We sat there sipping our cocktails and eating our starters, having such a laugh about life, and knowing we’d made the right choice in coming out for dinner.

Next comes Mains – Fajitas … No Brainer, but even when you know you want fajitas there are still so many options under the fajita menu! I went for chicken and prawn, and Emma Chicken and Steak. Mains didn’t take too long either, and for how busy it was, it was good – although we didn’t mind too much as it gave time for our starters to make space for our dinner. Our Fajitas were brought to our table Β like this –


chicken and prawns sizzling away on the skillet, tortillas nice and warm, and all the extras nicely on a separate plate – it looked amazing and tasted even better! The prawns were huge and so delicious too. I love going to restaurants where you can make your own fajitas, just the way you like them. No one knows how you like your food better than yourself!

As you can see I was very much enjoying my fajitas –


Once stuffed, we slowly finished our cocktails, not feeling at all rushed by the waiters, and asked for our bill. The service charge gets added on anyway (but they really did deserve it!) and it still only came to Β£25 each!

Overall: Desperados is a fantastic Mexican I would highly recommend for anyone with a fajita craving. I will definitely be going back for a cocktail evening – I feel the need to try more off their list, with a frozen martini being first choice for next time!