Free classes in London? No, it’s not a myth. There’s no catch. You just have to sign up to claim a space or register interest for the waiting list the week before. I was astounded too when I was told about the Adidas Studio London, on Brick Lane, a couple of weeks ago.

My colleague Megan has been to a few of the sessions before, and as she knows I’m a huge fitness fan recommended I check it out. It’s all based on Facebook – you just like the page, open up messenger and the bot allows you to check out the timetable and register interest for spaces. It’ll also send you a reminder each week that the new timetable is up!

Adidas Studio London

Each week has a different theme and the selection of classes changes. There’s often an arts one or workshop, but most are fitness based from barre and yoga to TRX and a run club. The first week I signed up I claimed a space on a Hip Hop Yoga class – my first pick of the classes, showing you can quite easily get a spot. You just need to head onto messenger when they get released (usually a Thursday, the week before).

The studio itself feels a little mysterious.

It’s literally all behind a black door on brick lane. You ring the doorbell and are let into the women only studio space.

Adidas Studio London

The team all seemed lovely; really friendly and so helpful in making sure I knew where everything was on my first visit. There’s a large communal space on the ground floor to chill out before and after class, where there’s a coffee stand and water fountain too. Then upstairs, across two floors, are two studios and changing rooms with shower facilities and lockers. The changing rooms are pretty minimalistic but they’re good for what you need.

Adidas Studio London

The studio space on the first floor where my yoga class was based, was pretty big, with the one wall mirrored. It was set up ready with yoga mats and blocks – both felt fresh (I’m usually a little funny about sharing mats), and really good quality. The instructor was friendly and welcoming too, very calming which is perfect for a yoga teacher. She introduced herself and got us all connecting with our mats ready to start.

Adidas Studio London

The flow class was 45 minutes long. I hadn’t done a yoga class for a while, but loved this one. It was a deep, stretchy flow with chilled hip hop on in the background. I loved the change from the usual relaxing tunes. The instructor was fab, commanding the room well and often wandering the room to check we were positioned right.

Most people did head straight off the evening I visited. However, I can see the open space on ground floor being used more at weekends when people do have more time to take things a bit slower.

I had such a good workout and felt so welcome at the Adidias Studio London I’m definitely heading back. I can’t wait to try a different class.

Summary – Adidas Studio London:

  • Price: FREE. Yes really!
  • Fun/serious: My class was kinda half-way between both. A fab yoga class.
  • Level: All levels!
  • Recommend? Yes! Why not try a free class? Plus they’re so friendly and welcoming!
  • How to book: Follow the studio on Facebook and register your interest on messenger to receive the timetable each week.

Have you been before? Or do you do a fab yoga class I should try?

Chloe xx