This week I tried HulaFit for the first time, something I would never have thought I’d have been doing on a Monday evening, not being very good at keeping the hoop up, which is the main part right?

To be completely honest my friend Lucy, who came with me, made me take the opportunity to try HulaFit. We recently tried a hula hooping session at the Maximise Blogger Event we went to, where we were hooping competitively, and Lucy was super eager to try the fitness class. And even though I was very dubious, the coaches at HulaFit promised to get me hooping in no time.
So on Monday, armed with my gym kit, comfy trainers and a bottle of water (which I later found it I really needed), we turned up at the class in Kennington ready to get our hips moving.
The class can be a little difficult to find if you follow the postcode. You basically just need to look out for the Lucozade Power League on Black Prince Road, and when you walk through the gates, the pitch will be to your left, and the class is in the building on the right, directly opposite the pitch – follow the signs for boxing! There’s changing rooms too, so it’s perfect if you struggle to get changed at work, and you can take your bags in with you – no need to remember locker padlocks or pound coins.
Julie, our coach for the hour, introduced the class and demonstrated the 3 basic ways of hooping. I tried the 2 easier options and my hoop was soon spinning – but not for long, before it hit the ground. I kept practising, moving my hips harder and faster and was soon getting the hang of it.
Then she changed things up, and told us to spin the other way. I’d never tried to spin the hoop left but it was like a miracle, as when standing with my right leg in front, it was so much easier!! I kept the hoop up for longer each time and I was so proud!
We moved on to learn what to do if your hoop starts falling (dipping your hips to bring the hoop back up), doing steps, heel flicks, walking, side steps – it was like a mini aerobics class whilst hooping. I can admit, my hoop did NOT stay up the full time, but I wasn’t the only one. I just picked it up and tried again! And again. And again.
There was a section in the class where we did a few other exercises, jumping in and out of the hoop for a minute, hula hooping, then doing 10 burpees, followed by more hooping, and then the whole lot again. I was sweating. And there was me, before the class, thinking it wouldn’t be as good a workout as other classes – how wrong was I?! Lucy and I were both knackered by the end.
Check this video out to get a taster…
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After the 45 minutes HulaFit class in Kennington, Julie does a 10 minute trick session where you can learn new tricks, like spinning hoops on your hand, hula hooping and spinning a hoop on your hand…crazy stuff! I wasn’t good enough for this, but Lucy was showing some crazy skills! She even did the two at once!
HulaFit HulaFit
The hour was soon over. I couldn’t believe how quick the time went. Lucy and I had so much fun. Albeit having left bruised, it was well worth it! I had most definitely had an awesome workout, lots of laughs, it completely took my mind off work, my abs sure felt it the next day, and to top it all, I proved myself wrong – I can hula hoop, and I did enjoy it!
Julie was a fab coach, fun, friendly and motivational. She was really helpful too, giving tips as she went along – so it’s great for beginners like me!
At only £7 for the hour session, it’s a bargain for a fitness class in London, especially one that’s so fun! They also do a loyalty card, so once you’ve collected 10 stamps (you get a stamp every time you go!) you get a free class!
Lucy and I decided that we’re definitely heading back again! Will we see you there?
What’s your favourite exercise class at the moment?
Chloe xx
*HulaFit invited me along to review the class. All views my own.