I’m one of the originals. It feels strange to say, but I started Fliykick when it first opened in 2018. I thought at first I might get into it and go for a bit – if I could make the money side work. Because a class at a boutique studio is always more expensive than a standard membership at a local gym. I thought I might even continue to go every once in a while. What I didn’t expect was to be hooked. So hooked, that I’ve had to go EVERY week since – apart from when I’m on holiday obviously.

You see, it’s not just any fitness class. It’s intense but so fun! Every time I book in, I know I’m going to struggle, but I’m going to enjoy it and come out feeling amazing. Not only has the signature class improved my stamina in things like burpees, but it’s also improved my flexibility, balance and hand-eye co-ordination. Yes, it has also changed my body shape. It’s made such a difference, I’m almost a little scared not to go every week! Plus, the team there is SO friendly and lovely. They make you feel so welcome all the time.

Flykick recently opened a new studio within the same location, offering a new style of class. Strength.

The concept is very different. This time it’s a class split between weight rounds and bag rounds, with a warm-up and cool down too. Loving the signature class, I had to try the new Flykick Strength class.

The studio has a pretty cool set-up, with 12 weight benches and 12 bags on the two different sides of the room. It’s sleek, stylish. The weight benches have dumbells ready to go underneath with three different weights. There’s also a space for your gloves, towel and bottle. The bags on the other side of the room hang from the ceiling, reach the floor and are a bit harder than the standing ones in the signature studio.

Flykick Strength

The warm-up was pretty standard, and soon got us ready to hit the session hard. The class is split into rounds, each round has four exercises based in the section of the room you’re in. For instance, if you’re on the weights side, you’d have four weight-based exercises before switching to the bags for four exercises.

The weight-based rounds included different bodyweight exercises as well as dumbell sets, such as lunges, bicep curls, upward rows and squats. The bag round features the usual punches and kicks in different combos.

Flykick Strength

When I visited, Jay was teaching. He was really helpful when explaining the session to newbies (you need to arrive 5 mins early for an induction), and was pretty motivating throughout.

I didn’t quite get as sweaty as the signature class, but still felt like it was a good workout. Always good to tie in weights and try something new. I would definitely go again, but I don’t think I could give up my signature class for a strength one. They’re just so much more fun!

Flykick, Kickboxing, London

SUMMARY – Flykick Strength:

  • Price: £21 a class, 5-class pack for £95, 10-class pack for £180 or 20-class pack for £320. Worth buying a class pack for sure!
  • Fun/serious: Bit more serious than the signature class.
  • Level: suitable for all. You push as hard as you physically can. It’s your workout.
  • Recommend? Yes. Althought I would say definitely try the signature class too to see which you prefer.
  • How to book: Buy your classes and reserve your bag (book in) via the website. There are several classes each day.

The Flykick Strength studio is having a bit of work done at the moment, but it’s due to be back in action asap. Do keep an eye out for when it’s open again if you fancy it after reading this.

What weight-based classes/exercise do you do for your routine?

Chloe xx