I hadn’t done hot yoga in almost three years. It’d been so long, I’d actually forgotten how hot it gets. Like seriously. Just over a week ago I went to try out one of the classes at the Marshall Street Leisure Centre, one of the Everyone Active gyms, and it reminded me how good it can make you feel.

Hot Yoga at Everyone Active, Marshall Street Leisure Centre

Hot yoga can take many forms, as it covers all yoga done in hot/humid conditions. You could do a more relaxing class or more intense based on what you’re looking for.

I’ve been to an Everyone Active before. They always seem to be in old community like buildings. Total mazes inside. But luckily the staff are friendly and helpful with directions. The Marshall Street Leisure Centre is exactly the same.

This location is actually super central.

Just off Carnaby Street. I didn’t realise there was a gym, with a pool, so close to everything!

I took Kim along to the flow class with me on Saturday, as she’s keen to try more classes too. Plus it’s a girls morning then – we popped for lunch after. Don’t worry, something healthy.

Anyway, back to the class.

The instructor was friendly and welcoming, introduced himself and made sure we knew we could pop out if we needed air at any point. Being only just back in the game, and Kim a newbie to hot yoga, it was a lovely start! We got settled, with our towels (you can borrow them from reception), water (you need lots!), yoga mats and blocks (provided).

Hot Yoga at Everyone Active, Marshall Street Leisure Centre (3)

Now let’s talk about the heat.

It didn’t hit me instantly. It almost grew warmer during the first 10 minutes of the class. Warmer and warmer until it was like I was doing yoga on holiday, during the hottest part of the day. It was SERIOUSLY warm. My whole body was sweating. Even places I didn’t think sweated. Like the top of my feet. My whole body was glistening. And this is why you need plenty of water! I drank almost 750ml during the class…And I could have drank more, but I was preserving it in case the class went on longer than expected (I.e. I didn’t know the time or how long I had left).

As for the yoga itself.

We did a little ‘warm up’. I know, I know, it’s warm already. But to slowly get the body ready for exercise. Then it’s onto flow, warrior poses and legs. Followed by core and floor work. Eventually shavasana. Total relaxation. Finished with one minute of meditation.

I did think I’d have to head out for a breather at one point. Kim did pop for a quick breath of fresh air. We all need it at the best of times. But its manageable. Just. The instructor reminds you all the way through too that you should only take it as far as you can. Don’t push it. Do what feels best for your body. You know you best. So if you’re nervous about not keeping up, there’s really nothing to worry about. It’s totally fine, whatever you manage to do.

Hot Yoga at Everyone Active, Marshall Street Leisure Centre (3)

I came out sweaty, tired and relaxed.

It actually felt really good to have done yoga. Something a bit more strength and relaxation based. Something to connect me to my inner me.

I do like to start my weekend with a workout, and now I’m doing my two spin classes and kickboxing during the week, it’s great to get in a strength class at the weekend. To mix it up. But also so I’m doing an all-round workout routine. You need to do strength as well as cardio.


  • Price: Dependent on package. You can buy one off classes, but most people have an Everyone Active membership.
  • Fun/serious: A mix of both. It depends how serious you take your yoga! It is hot, so can get serious pretty quick.
  • Level: suitable for all. If it gets too much you can take a breather and sit outside!
  • Recommend? If you like yoga, then yes! Definitely recommend giving it a go. The instructor is great and so friendly!
  • How to book: via the Everyone Active website or you canΒ call the centre on 03330 05 0417

Do you do hot yoga? What other strength exercise do you do?

Chloe xx

*I was invited along to try the hot yoga class at Everyone Active Marshall Street Leisure Centre. All views my own.Β