I’d been dying to try kickboxing for pretty much as long as I’ve been in London. I remember one of my Aussie friends, who’d I’d made through adult ballet, raving about it and how much of a good workout it was. Her feet were shredded, arms killed, body ached so much. It sounded awesome!

A new kickboxing studio opened up right near work, which gave me literally no excuse to give it a try.

Flykick, Kickboxing, London

Flykick is actually kickboxing inspired fitness class, combining HIIT, non-contact kickboxing, core workout and mindfulness.

Wrist wraps at the ready, bare foot (yes I did paint my toe nails especially haha), and kitted up in my gymwear, I was ready to tackle the hour.

Flykick, Kickboxing, London

It was tough. So tough. But extremely fun. The warm-up had me bouncing about giddy for more,then the HIIT completely broke me. It pushed everyone. Challenged even the fittest. But it’s your workout, so you do you, and push as much as you can. You don’t have to keep up with others, so it does work for beginners through to the more experienced.

Luckily there’s a stretch (mindfulness) section before you hit the bags. Limbered up, we did roughly 4-6 different routines, each in rounds, paired up on the bags so you had a speedy rest between each burst of energy. The routines combined, jabs, crosses, hooks and kicks, twisting your body, keeping your balance and thrusting your power towards the bag. It was so therapeutic. I loved it.

Flykick, Kickboxing, London

What worked well, was although the class was full and pretty packed, there were two instructors wandering around checking out your stance and technique to make sure you’re doing it right and getting the most out of your workout. Being total beginners this definitely helped guide our moves.

Just when I thought we were done (I had thoroughly pushed myself to the limit), we had a core section, with sit-ups, holds and bicycles. If your core wasn’t ripped apart during the main section, it sure was after this.

Flykick, Kickboxing, London

The hour ends with a cool down/stretch which is truly needed. My body was really tired but I was feeling SO good. I felt like I’d achieved.Β Let’s not talk about the fact that I nearly fell down stairs in the tube due to jelly legs haha.Β 


  • Price: Usually Β£21 a class, which is quite pricey, but you can buy class packs of 10 or 20, saving you money on each class. I think it’s worth it.
  • Fun/serious: I guess a bit of both. It’s tough but so much fun! Great for punching out the day’s frustrations
  • Level: suitable for all. You do you and push as much as you can. There are 2/3 instructors in each session, on hand to help guide you through
  • Recommend? Yes! It’s an amazing workout, combining so many different elements. It works different muscles to my weekly spin classes, and I always ache afterwards – sign of a good workout.
  • How to book: Buy your classes and reserve your bag (book in) via the website. There are several classes each day.

Flykick, Kickboxing, London

Exercise is great for you mentally anyway. But kickboxing (and other martial arts) is well known for its strong ties to relaxation, meditation and self-esteem. All areas I want to build on, as well as my overall fitness. So I’m definitely keeping up this new workout.

Have you tried kickboxing before? How do you like toΒ  unwind after a tough day?

Chloe xx