Spin classes can look daunting. Booming music so you can hardly hear. The class instructor shouting directions, to speed up, or increase resistance. The sweaty exhausted faces that leave the class.

But trust me. The feeling you get after doing one is amazing. Those endorphins pumping through your body. The elation for smashing it or just getting through.

The one thing that gets me out of bed for an early morning spin class before work. I always remind myself that I never regret it.

Time goes pretty fast too. And at least you haven’t got to think about what you’re doing next, as each next move is commanded your way.

Each class does differ, and the instructor as well as the music tracks can make or break it. However there are many core aspects and so I wanted to share some tips for those thinking about taking up spin or even those who haven’t previously enjoyed a class – some points to motivate you and get you in the right mind frame. Because you totally got this!

spin class tips

Setting up the bike – make sure your bike is comfortable to cycle on. The seat should be the right height, so you can extend you legs, but not lock them out too straight, the handle bars should be low-key to encourage the core to engage, but comfortable too, and how far the seat is set back deoends on where it’s comfortable. Arrive early and double check what feels best for you. Everyone is different.

On the note that everyone is different, ignore all others in your class unless it’s going to motivate you to work harder. Everyone has different fitness levels. We all have different maximum resistance and fitness or pain thresholds. The bikes tend to differ too – so a turn up for you might increase resistance significantly more than a turn up on someone else’s bike. Just do you.

Which brings me to…It’s your workout so push it. You should leave tired. You shouldn’t think “oh well I could have pushed harder”. But in the same way, you know how hard you can push. If you make it too easy, you’re only cheating yourself. And you’re the one who wants to see the results, whether it’s stamina, general fitness, muscle toning or weight loss. Do you. Do your best. Come away feeling proud.

If you don’t like it then try another class. All classes can differ – the instructor makes such a difference to the workout and music choice. If you don’t like one class it doesn’t mean you won’t like another! I find some really boring. And it’s the main reason I get up on a Tues and Thursday to spin before work – because the instructor is awesome!

Just listen to the music and get into your own head. Hopefully your instructor will choose to use some awesome tracks. Get into the music. Go to the beat. Even sing along in your own head – you’ll should be too breathless to sing out loud. It will help the time go faster if you try to enjoy It!

Be equipped. Remember your water to keep hydrated (essential!), and help you recover between tracks. Water will help keep you going. A towel is also really handy to wipe away the sweat. It can be super distracting otherwise.

Calories burnt obviously depends on your weight, as well as many other factors. But spin is well known for being a great calorie burner! A 45-minute spin class can have you burning in upwards of 480kcal. All the uphill stints are great for building leg muscle too! It’s a great workout.

There you have it. My top tips for those wanting to try spin, and even those who didn’t like it the one time they did! I hope you have fun!

What’s your favourite workout?

Chloe xx