I love trying new fitness classes. You have to keep shaking it up to make it fun, so you want to keep going. Keep getting fit.

But it has to be easy. No, I don’t mean the actual workout. Easy to find new classes. Easy to book.

When I already have a gym membership, and a subscription with FlyKick, it also can’t cost the earth. Which is why I haven’t been able to sign up to Class Pass or anything similar. Because I can’t afford another monthly direct debit for workouts. Occasionally I just want to book the odd class elsewhere.

The ESquared fitness app

But even for those who don’t have all the rest, subscription services can be expensive. Booking as you go however, means no pressure, no paying whether you go to all your classes or not, and being able to manage it week by week. Because let’s face it, some weeks you need it easier than others.

I’ve been trying out Esquared, an app which aims to connect gym-goers with classes and gym access, and works on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The app

It’s simple to use. Sign up using an e-mail address, add credit and you’re off. Paying only for the classes you book. You can search via a map, searching the city as a whole, or gyms and studios closer to your location. I however preferred viewing it in the list format, so I could more clearly see what was on offer for the price.

You could also filter by time, venue rating and facilities (including pool, free weights, cardio machines, sauna and parking). The time filter was super helpful when searching for classes first thing or after work. Especially as the list format sorts the options by the venues closest to you, rather than time.

The ESquared fitness app

The only filter I think it was missing is by class style. But maybe that’s a blessing really. It makes you consider all options, and not just the types you’d usually go for. Making you more likely to try something new.

Access to gyms starts from as little as Β£6, and classes range quite a lot dependent on what was on offer. I’ve seen classes from Β£10 through to about Β£30.

Spaces were quite often available last minute too, so I could book ahead, or book on the day. Even half an hour before.

The ESquared fitness app

I did experience a couple of glitches when searching for classes/gym access nearby my home location. Perhaps as it’s still quite new – there’s already been one update to the app since I’ve been using it so it looks like they’re on it. But it was nothing that caused any issues with booking. The screen just flickered slightly. And it soon stopped.

You can tell Esquared wants to make sure everyone stays safe too, as there’s a waiver before payment is taken. Just a few questions to ensure you’re fit enough, and not about to put yourself to harm. Just the standard – nothing tricky – but do give it a read.

The classes

This was the main reason I was using the app. The classes. Although there were plenty of gyms on the app, I much prefer someone shouting at me, telling me what to do. It motivates me more. I’m more likely to work as hard as I should be.

There were so many different classes all over the city I wanted to try. From premium spin classes to balance fit (on the pool) and boot camp, there was such a variety. Lots of new ones to try.

The esquared fitness app. Fitness on demand

Upon arriving at the classes I booked on to, I was checked in as though I was already a member/regular attendee. They had my booking and the team was helpful when I told them it was my first time too.

I tried an aerial fitness class called Pop Fit at Sky Lab Studio in Camden. Arriving early, I got signed in, changed and was soon flying. Well not quite.

The esquared fitness app. Fitness on demand The esquared fitness app. Fitness on demand

It was pretty intense on the upper body and core (let’s say I didn’t realise how weak I was), but such a good work out. The instructor, Samantha, was fab and so helpful. The classes ended with a lot of hanging upside down which was SO much fun! One I’d definitely recommend trying!

The esquared fitness app. Fitness on demand

At Β£20, it’s pretty average for a premium fitness class in London. And so worth it!

I’ve also tried a HIIT class at HIITgym in West Hampstead.

A high-intensity, intense, 45 minutes of cardio and weight circuits. The workout makes use of the treadmills and rowing machines, as well as all the weights, steps and more. We did part of the workout in pairs (one on the treadmill, one doing a circuit and switching once they’d finished the set). It was crazy, it was tough but it was amazing. I felt SO good after…like I could take on the world. It was only Β£12.50 too, and I managed to book only 45 minutes before – using the app is so flexible and easy.

Esquared HIITgym

I can’t wait to try more. I’m eyeing up a couple of spin classes and more! Dying to go back to aerial fitness too!


  • Price: Pay a you go. No contract. Just top-up and book away. You can choose classes/gym access dependent on your budget
  • Fun/serious: Depends what you go for. Plenty of both!
  • Level: suitable for all levels – there’s such a variety of classes.
  • Recommend? Yes. It’s a great way to find out about and try new classes, without committing to a series of sessions. Love that you’re not tied into any contracts or monthly fees.
  • How to book: Download, setup an account on your e-mail address, top-up and get booking.

Have you tried any new fitness classes recently? How do you find out about yours?

Chloe xx

*This post is in collaboration with Esquared who provided me with credit to try the app. All views my own.Β