December is the month for feasting. Aren’t I right? Feasting and treating, indulging and not for one second feeling guilty about it (ok, I definitely feel guilty when I indulge, but it’s way more acceptable to do in December).
So with a month pretty much all about festive foods, it got me thinking about what my fave seasonal bites are. So here it is, my top Christmas food picks…
Pigs in Blankets – seriously, why don’t we have these all year round? It’s not like bacon or sausages are seasonal, but they only get brought out at Christmas. This makes them almost even more highly anticipated, and I guess also a bit special.
The juicy little sausages, wrapped in salty, slightly crisp bacon go down a treat. They are hardly ever any leftovers for nibbling on later – just too good to leave.
Alex actually bought some last week for us to snack on whilst watching Christmas films – LOVE it!
Sprouts – Omg sprouts. Ok I know this is another crowd divider. Another marmite. But I totally look forward to the sprouts winter brings.
Christmas food
They’re fresh and flavoursome, and really add something to the veggies on Christmas Day. They also go so well with other ingredients (like in my festive creamy pasta with cranberries), and are delicious with bacon and chestnuts! If you don’t like sprouts all that much, that combo might make you change your mind.
Christmas Food - Festive Pasta (Sprouts)
Stuffing – All the stuffing – sausage meat, sage and onion, a cranberry one or even a nutty one.
I don’t have stuffing much throughout the year. In fact, I don’t know if I have actually had ANY stuffing this year at all. But it’s SO good, adding some extra flavour to your mouthful of turkey, which I’m sure wouldn’t be the meat of choice for most normally – it’s just not for that rich, juicy, meaty flavour.
I think sausage meat stuffing might be my fave, but I do love the herby aromas a sage onion or cranberry stuffing brings to the table.
Mincemeat – No not the meat, the fruit. The stuff used in mince pies (oh I love a mince pie!), and other seasonal delicacies.
I love this stuff! It’s super sweet, so you don’t need loads, but it’s rich in flavour, and tastes like Christmas in one mouthful!
It’s also really versatile, so as well as mince pies, you could make baked apples, put it in your porridge, top ice cream with it, baking cookies or cakes, the list goes on.
Christmas Food - Mincemeat
Christmas sandwiches – what’s not to love? Christmas food between two slices of soft floury bread, or even better, in a crunchy flavoursome baguette – mmmm.
Every year there seems to be so many Christmas sandwich options to choose from, that I don’t even know where to start. I seriously wish I could try them all, but I would have to have at least one sandwich a day, a mission I don’t think quite possible.
They do make you feel really festive though in the run up to Christmas, and it’s always exciting going out at lunchtime to get your Christmas fix.
I did manage to try a couple of Christmas sandwiches this year, including The Pret Christmas lunch sandwich and the Paul bakery Dinde de Noel.
The Pret sandwich was absolutely delicious.Thick, tender turkey pieces, delicious herby stuffing (with a hint of apricot), fresh spinach and a slightly sharp cranberry sauce, all between two slices of soft, malted bread. Absolutely delicious! A great pick for my first Christmas sandwich of the year. I’m sure I made the office pretty envious when I came back with this!
Christmas Food - Pret Christmas Sandwich
The Paul bakery Dinde de Noel, rated Time Out’s top pick of this years Christmas sandwiches, was seriously tasty! Thick slices of turkey, bacon, cream cheese, a dollop of horseradish sauce and spinach leaves layered neatly in a freshly baked cranberry, sage & onion baguette. A crunchy baguette with soft bread in the middle, the perfect amount of sauce, and tender turkey, complimented by the crispier bacon – it was heavenly! I think the bread (the cranberry, sage and onion baguette) really made it stand out, it just made it so much more flavoursome! I would definitely recommend you go try this if you haven’t already.
Christmas Food - Paul bakery Christmas sandwich
What are your favourite Christmas/seasonal foods at this time of year?
Chloe xx