Do brands with a social conscience make you want to buy their products more? For me, those who look after their suppliers or give back to charity almost have me on board from the get-go. Forget what they’re selling, I’m in.

I love knowing that when I buy something someone didn’t slave away for hours on minimum or less than minimum wage to produce my goods. Or that for the food I buy, a certain percentage is going to charity to help those less fortunate than myself. It makes me feel like I’m doing something good, and for not much effort. There’s just not always the time to volunteer or do something extra myself. All these little things add up right?

Ethical Kitchen Subscription Box

One foodie service which caught my eye recently, as a brand with a huge social conscience, is Ethical Kitchen. A new food box subscription service on the block.

Ethical Kitchen Subscription Box

Each month, Ethical Kitchen features different brands who share their values, offering a subscription box filled with directly sourced speciality coffee, premium chocolate and healthy snacks.

Ethical Kitchen Subscription Box

There are currently two subscription boxes:

  • The Ethical Warrior box (which contains a 250g bag of freshly roasted speciality coffee, 2 large or 3 small bars of premium chocolate and 4 healthy snacks for £21.15 per month inc delivery).
  • The Ethical Snacker box (which contains 1-2 bars of premium chocolate and 4 snacks/snack bars for £11.25 per month inc delivery).

My Ethical Warrior box arrived early last week. I’m just making my way through my treats now.

Ethical Kitchen Subscription Box

The coffee this month is from Brighton’s Redroaster. One of the first speciality coffee houses and the only certified organic roaster in the South. They roast to order each week to ensure Ethical Kitchen subscribers get the freshest coffee possible!

Trialling the coffee last weekend from my brand new 3-cup cafetiere (which I’m already in love with!), it was smooth and mild, with an almost chocolatey aroma coming through. It made a delicious start to my day. You don’t need an overpowering coffee for a lazy Sunday morning.

Ethical Kitchen Subscription Box

The coffee partner will change every few months, so if you order soon you might be able to get your hands on some of this!

The Ombar chocolate went down a treat too. Rich, with an almost bitter edge, you could tell it was of a high quality through the snap and lasting taste. The little bars were perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up in the office.

Ethical Kitchen Subscription Box

The Squirrel Sisters Cocoa and Orange energy bar consisted of two soft, rich brownie fingers. Vegan, gluten free, dairy free and with no added sugar, the little fingers are made of dates and currants, which give it the soft, raw texture you learn to expect from an energy bar. The cocoa flavour strong, with the tangy orange peeking through, these were delicious.

Ethical Kitchen Subscription Box

Made with only dates, cashews, pumpkin seeds, apples, cinnamon and ginger, the Rude Health The Pumpkin bar, was another fab healthy snack in my box. With a fudge style texture, and slightly spiced taste, it was seriously tasty – it was great for the sweet treat after lunch, and a little extra energy just before my evening gym sessions!

Ethical Kitchen Subscription Box

The Primal Pantry Raw Apple & Pecan Bar, another bar with a fudge-y consistency, is also made from all natural ingredients – oh I have been loving the healthy treats! Made with dates, almonds, apple, pecan nuts, cinnamon and almond oil, it tasted almost a little festive. Another delicious snack which went down a treat!

Ethical Kitchen Subscription Box


Ethical Kitchen also offers subscription gifts, available as one, three or six month packages – perfect for all those times I get totally stuck on what to get! Who doesn’t want a box of treats?! The first box gifted will be delivered beautifully gift-wrapped, contain a personal message (you write this obviously) and a discount code to use in the Ethical Kitchen shop – the online store which offers equipment such as coffee brewing accessories.

As mentioned, I think one of the best bits about this service is the fact that Ethical Kitchen also gives back to charity. The company donates 50p out of the profit from every box to charity, and every penny of that will go towards community projects run by its charity partners.

The first charity partner is Point Foundation, who do amazing work in Rwanda, helping disabled and special needs children to get an education they otherwise wouldn’t. The plan is to support more charities in their amazing work as the company grows. A brand which cares about others.

What’s more, if you’re in Brighton, Ethical Kitchen will deliver your box through Recharge Cargo, the local carbon-neutral courier who deliver by bike. They even think about the environment!

Ethical Kitchen have kindly given my readers 15% off first orders! So if you fancy giving the service a try yourself, head over to the website and pop in the code LASHESOFLIFESTYLE to make the most of this discount.

I’d love to hear what you think too! Have you signed up to any food subscription services you Love?

Chloe xx

*I was sent a Ethical Warrior Box for review. All views my own.